AC/DC on Reunion, Brian Johnson's Hearing, Malcolm Young + 'PWR/UP'

7.10.2020 г.
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#ACDC legends #BrianJohnson and #CliffWilliams talk to #LoudwireNights about the band's upcoming new album #PWRUP, whether they will tour in support of the album and more.
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  • It is so amazing these guys are coming out of retirement, hearing problems, and legal problems to generate Power Up and "Shot in the Dark" which is now #1 on the hard rock Billboard survey, their first #1 in over a decade and the last couple of albums. Congratulations on to them on working on the material that Malcom and Angus Young created back in 2017 before Malcom died to work with the remaining band in 2018-2019 to give us a new album in 2020. It is also nice they got together to do one video for everyone on BGworld - also Shot in the Dark. It is a classic AC/DC song.

    Sam SSam Sпреди 11 дни
  • I thought Brian's ears had given up: tinnitus.

    Peter HendriksPeter Hendriksпреди 14 дни
  • 2020: I will destroy the WORLD AC/DC: hold my beer

    TheMultiGamers TriplesTheMultiGamers Triplesпреди 17 дни
  • We need Axl back and make an album with thes dudes... With Axl this band ROCKS...

    fiendbastardsfiendbastardsпреди 17 дни
  • Geordie ROCKS!

    Brian TaylorBrian Taylorпреди 18 дни
  • crazy.all i can think about..... a band that can survive test of many songs do they have that are awsome.that were never completed because life got in way....or are completed and never made it to final album for variety reasons..or got writers block during making of song........AC/DC/greenday/weezer/motley crew/marilyn manson/meatloaf/queen/metallica/seether/..just name a few.awsome perfect songs the world will never hear....depressing

    alex kimalex kimпреди 20 дни
  • thaaaank you

    TheJasonmorettiTheJasonmorettiпреди 20 дни
  • These guys always put on a excellent show Rock On Acadeca 🤘🖖✌Phil Rudd is the back of the band no one swings like Phil .The album Head Job kicked Ass as well

    Joe RicoJoe Ricoпреди 20 дни
  • Bon Scott became the original AC/DC front man thank heavens many years ago but i for one know of only one other AC/DC lead vocalist and that of course is Mr. Brian Johnson the only man who has served AC/DC so well all these years! Rock the fuck on Brian and will be at the next concert and the next and the next, etc, etc, etc, etc! Peace.

    Music RoolsmanMusic Roolsmanпреди 21 ден
  • Fantastic! The best thing about 2020 is AC/DC!!!

    Mark EdwardsMark Edwardsпреди 21 ден
  • good rock and roll just does not go away, rock on brothers, cousin figel

    Cousin FigelCousin Figelпреди 23 дни
  • Can someone explain to him the virus is a hoax its never been isolated it's as fake as the moon landing

    Victoria FrancoisVictoria Francoisпреди 23 дни
    • 😂

      Michael TakerMichael Takerпреди 23 дни
  • welcome back...i would say put it out there with music and vids..yep keep on rockin and the

    Julie ArcherJulie Archerпреди 23 дни
  • And that's the way it should be.

    charlotte dennischarlotte dennisпреди 24 дни
  • Can´t believe 67 people thumbed this down...Obviously no AC/DC fans. So what are they doing in they doing is channel in the first place?

    Christophe L.Christophe L.преди 24 дни
  • So happy to see the lads are back together. The world's greatest ever rock and roll band to play again make my soul believe that there is hope. Lol. The world is so heavy these days that it is hard to feel that things are going in the right direction. I know AC/DC together isn't going to save the world. But it will give me something to listen to on the highway to hell. Lol. I am from Calgary Alberta Canada. Hope they play here this time, not just Edmonton. Alberta deserves both cities on tour. We love them. 45 years a fan and will take what ever the boys got left. The world's greatest rock and roll band! Stone's can't even come close.

    neil kaziasneil kaziasпреди 24 дни
  • 9:45 What can you tell us about the sound and lyrical content of Power up, what can fans expect? Angus: AC/DC :D :D :D That`s it, nothing to say more :D :D

    Patrik MasseratiPatrik Masseratiпреди 25 дни
  • Iam 65 and been a favorite band from their beginning. Turning 65 and this virus had me down in a dark place in life, but this new music from these guys picked me up and gave me my life back . True statement.

    Je BakerJe Bakerпреди 26 дни
  • Love Ac/Dc been a fan 1976

    Ron PaulRon Paulпреди 26 дни
  • IF they go on tour, I'll be front row center!

    Carol cjhCarol cjhпреди 27 дни
  • AC/DC the best rock band EVER, been lucky enough to see them three times live in Scotland ( once at the SECC and twice at Hampden Park and every time the hair on my neck stood up. Took my daughter aged ten at the time to her first gig which was AC/DC Rock or Bust tour and she absolutely loved it and has been playing guitar since lol, now my son is ten years old and I’m hoping I can take him to his first gig, which I’m hoping will be an AC/DC one 🎸🎸

    Paul MaclellanPaul Maclellanпреди 27 дни
  • "Everybody wants to know what you had for breakfast", man I love Brian and all the rest of them.

    Gord OrrGord Orrпреди 27 дни
  • I am stoked, one of the few bands I never saw and really wanted to. I hope they go out on tour!

    rdefabrirdefabriпреди 27 дни
  • 73 FUKIN YEARS OLD?!!!

    Charles ForbinCharles Forbinпреди 28 дни
  • Geez...Brian is 73? I'm old. Damn.

    Jet SkiJet Skiпреди 28 дни
  • AC/DC You all rock welcome back love all your music and we missed you. The greatest band of all time has returned AC/DC

    Sandy GrovesSandy Grovesпреди 29 дни
  • Nice to meet Brian in Sarasota.hope all is good with you sir

    Richard MandersonRichard Mandersonпреди месец
  • My bucket list has only one thing on it for my life. To see an ACDC concert. Looks like this could be my last chance. I hope

    Michael RichmondMichael Richmondпреди месец
  • I preordered the collectors ed cd,lp and shirts!! CANT WAIT FOR THE US TOUR!!

    dirtydogvideodirtydogvideoпреди месец
  • Chris Slade is good, and did a great job./ But Phil is just so good. He stands out!

    greg wilsongreg wilsonпреди месец
  • Best band in the world and so humble with it, can’t wait for some good feeling when the new album comes out , thanks Acca Dacca love yous

    Steven ParrySteven Parryпреди месец
  • I hope Brian doesn't Go Deaf

    Enraged Anglo SaxonEnraged Anglo Saxonпреди месец
  • Just when I thought that they were done they came back and gratefully so. ACDC is by far my best favorite hard rock band ever!!!!

    Lance SheplerLance Sheplerпреди месец
  • Very glad I can still mute every political ad...

    Dean LongDean Longпреди месец
  • I'm glad that Brian Johnson is back with AC/DC. Axl Rose,to me,didn't fit well. It was like if you had Billy Idol singing for Motorhead.

    19buseye7119buseye71преди месец
    • 😭😭😭

      Dom GDom Gпреди 29 дни
  • Some many stupid questions asked in this interview...

    Diego CaramanicoDiego Caramanicoпреди месец
  • RIP Bon and Malcom! The Boys are carrying on for you both.

    Wulf-359Wulf-359преди месец
  • SO GLAD to see Brian, Cliff and Phil back. Geezus, when I saw the promo for this I went nuts. Saw and interview with Phil a ways back when he was embroiled in that legal shit. All the dude wanted to do was be ACDC drummer again, to get a chance to play again with the guys. Like it was his passion, all he really cared about. Im so happy he got to do it.

    bob bobobob boboпреди месец
  • "A Shot in the Dark" perfect name for the vaccine

    tie oneontie oneonпреди месец
  • AC/DC is the best!

    waymoreblueswaymorebluesпреди месец
  • Have no Fear, AC⚡DC is Here!! For the last 40 years I've been listening to them and they're still the Best. Welcome back Brian and Cliff and Phil. Thank you for Rocking us all these years and the years to come. 😎⚡🤘

    Kim WhitneyKim Whitneyпреди месец
  • That song was typical ac dc for sure !! It was awesome as usual. I’ve been a fan of theirs for many years and been to many of their concerts which are top five in performances. Rock on ac dc !!

    DC MitchellDC Mitchellпреди месец
  • Cant wait to get it on vinyl

    Joe PeluchetteJoe Peluchetteпреди месец
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PaulPaulпреди месец
  • 😎cd...🤑😷👹.thanks again guys. Live long and never grow old.

    Robert EtienneRobert Etienneпреди месец
  • the boys are back in town hell yeah

    Monzy FreeMonzy Freeпреди месец
  • God I love AC/DC!

    Miss TMiss Tпреди месец
  • Ok get an old person to do the interview. 22 year old Trixieieieie should not be doing this interview

    S TS Tпреди месец
  • 2020 - I will be the year nothing good happens wuuhahahahah... AC/DC - Hold my beer.

    IMDARKFIRE007IMDARKFIRE007преди месец
  • bj showing signs of dementia, no shame in that.

    Shaun CollinsShaun Collinsпреди месец
  • I live in Toronto. We have reason to love the guys. Hope this virus mess gets cleared up so the band can go tear it up again. The world awaits for MORE live ACDC!!

    Sandra NelsonSandra Nelsonпреди месец
  • It's great to know that AC/DC are back together.. That said, I thank my adblock every second of every minute (two 3-minute ads running one after another; no thanks!)..

    AenntwAenntwпреди месец
  • Love you AC/DC❤love you Brian ❤, happy birthday 🎂 💜stay safe 🙋‍♀️

    led lightled lightпреди месец
  • When I get this CD I'm gonna play the shit outa' it mates.

    Jack mannJack mannпреди месец
  • Deafness is common in rock n roll Its the price you pay playing loud for long time,or by just havig a small cable at gigs

    Trail BlazingTrail Blazingпреди месец
  • I love all of AC/DC's music

    rad gaming078rad gaming078преди месец
  • Amazing how people think COVID will just 'go away' - pathogens are here to stay unless they mutate. Only smallpox was ever eradicated.

    Michael StephenMichael Stephenпреди месец
  • In this horrible year, the world needs AC/DC

    Jules BJules Bпреди месец
  • To be honest I can't wait to see the back end of 2020.what a shitty year. Give me something to cling on to... Aye.. AC/DC. That will do for me. Maybe Brian Johnson for pm instead of Boris 😁

    stephen Hstephen Hпреди месец

    sonic jetsonic jetпреди месец
  • I love em. But ya have to admit, the new single? meh meh

    KerryKerryпреди месец
  • Heroes. That is all.

    Holy SmokeHoly Smokeпреди месец
  • without Axl??wtf??

    Steel HeartSteel Heartпреди месец
  • This is just History taking.. If I'm the host I could dead peacefully after that podcast

    salferaih1984salferaih1984преди месец
  • We love you, Brian! Thanks for making this possible, Angus.

    BenjiG3BenjiG3преди месец

    Maria GonzalezMaria Gonzalezпреди месец
  • Howay the lads .Brian Johnson is one of the nicest men you can meet and is great crack

    Gordon RidesGordon Ridesпреди месец
  • LIVING EASY, LIVING FREE ....... (finish the lyrics)

    thescarlettspeedsterthescarlettspeedsterпреди месец
  • Its hard for me to say how happy I am to see these guys back together. I love AC/DC. For me they can really rock you socks off. Good luck and keep up the good work.

    Mike L. LaughridgeMike L. Laughridgeпреди месец
  • The world needed AC/DC now more than ever, so happy theyre back together.

    Orphenia__Orphenia__преди месец
  • they save the civilization

    Ahmed DhahirAhmed Dhahirпреди месец
  • Axel Rose fit in AC/DC like a square peg in a round hole, I never accepted him as a part of the band!!! Slash would fit better and is the star of Guns & Roses!!!

    Kurt ElliottKurt Elliottпреди месец
  • Angus is watching us, I think he aged backwards 40 years!

  • Didn’t really mention Brian’s hearing issue at all. He made a comment on him having equipment, but nothing on the hearing issues.

    KeithGadgetKeithGadgetпреди месец

    sonic jetsonic jetпреди месец
  • Seventy fucking three years old and still rockin. In the eve of the death of Eddie Van Halen, this is the best news ever.

    Ryker HaywardRyker Haywardпреди месец
  • only good thing this year definetely.

    Mr SirMr Sirпреди месец
  • From Fremantle Western Australia - “ FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK WE SALUTE YOU !!! “ , Acca Dacca is entrenched in our culture

    Davis CawstonDavis Cawstonпреди месец
  • "Bloody hell, Angus! You didn't phone Chris?" "Wot-I thought YOU did!"

    Andy WehrleAndy Wehrleпреди месец
  • AC⚡DC telling 2020 to suck it 🤟🏼

  • god remember seeing brian in the band geordie in my hometown newcastle still a legend happy birthday young fella stevie t durham

  • Oh ,thank you! We so needed this!

    Dottie EDottie Eпреди месец
  • Brain Johnston’s Vocals gave AC/DC that energy on stage that we all love ‘ no disrespect to Bon Scott ‘ But Brian Johnston Vocals took the group to the next level !!!!

    Steven ChalmersSteven Chalmersпреди месец
    • I totally agree! Bon was great, but Brian is my guy!

      Sean SullivanSean Sullivanпреди 27 дни
    • N E G A T I V E

      Dom GDom Gпреди 29 дни
    • Bon was the guy AND the singer that took them to fame. If you listen to ALL of Bon's vocals, he had great tone, and could sing different styles. It was HIS vocals, his STYLE, AND HIS SONGS, that set them up. Didn't shout like Brian does all the time. We are used to him, that is for sure; but he is there because Bon is not - as he once said. Brian has done a good job over many years, AND at his age with all the smoking, and shouting, he can STILL do the job. Impressive. Also a nice guy. But Bon is beyond compare. Best wishes.

      greg wilsongreg wilsonпреди месец
  • For those about to rock,we salute you!

    reekashadereekashadeпреди месец
  • i love ac/dc.. thank you so much for all your hard work and music.congrats on quitting smoking too.

    the darkness destroyerthe darkness destroyerпреди месец
  • AC/DC ☝️

    elmer cookelmer cookпреди месец
  • So glad that Brian and Cliff are back. Frankly, I would have loved it if Simon Wright had been asked to return--he's my favorite AC/DC drummer.

    Jonathan MitchellJonathan Mitchellпреди месец
  • Thank God Cliff and Brian and back

    Aaron DrakeAaron Drakeпреди месец
  • I Luv ACAADCAA 4 EVA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Up ThereUp Thereпреди месец

    Up ThereUp Thereпреди месец

    Up ThereUp Thereпреди месец
  • This is Great!

    Jack LongJack Longпреди месец

    Sewa YaquiSewa Yaquiпреди месец
  • These guys just keep on rockin'. Never changed their style or image. Love it!!!

    Rein MannRein Mannпреди месец
  • Excellent TY...Time 2 Rock&Rolllll...😎💪💪🤝👊🇺🇸...

    TAG MANNTAG MANNпреди месец

    Daniele PertusioDaniele Pertusioпреди месец
  • AC DC is a great rocking band I saw them live in concert three different times back in the 80s and man they've been my favorite hard rocking band ever since but every time I hear them play I can steer here Malcolm he will always be there rock on ACDC mr. Simmons

    Billy SimmonsBilly Simmonsпреди месец
  • 7:26 that pained “yes” when Brian was talking about the invasive world says everything. Other than that, great interview. Pumped for the album

    Rush4inRush4inпреди месец
  • just thank you ac/ dc 2020 a lot better

    nathan eldernathan elderпреди месец
  • ACDC is back!!!

    Dylan PriceDylan Priceпреди месец