Among Us but Players Jumping In the Lava

30.09.2020 г.
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    • can I use this for my channel?

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    • Hello Error

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    • What your intro name ??

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    • At the last i can't stop laughing they say weeweeweeweeweeweeweeweeweeeweee

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    • Hi error I sent you a message on Instagram check there I sent you a message on the account @nodan___

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  • Error

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  • among us

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  • amazing view counts!!!

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  • Óoooooooooooooooooowewwewewewewewweww😁😁😁😄

  • 0:06 mini crewmate is the impostor

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  • everbody watch out (watch out) cuz someone's out to turn this night around is it you or is it i but nobodys know...looks around your shoulder (shoulder) i dont want carried away in a hearse i wish i knew how i might die but nobody knows you'e a sneaky liitle imposter arent you arent you you'e a sneaky little impister arent you arent you but your're among us!! i can feel it i can feel it in my bones so why dont you showyoursefl and leave all alone you're sneaky little imposter arent arent you're sneaky little imposter arent arent but youre among us i can feel it i can feel it in my bones so why dont you show your sefl and leave alls alone they listen in to everthing were discussin no one is safe but we got to keep breathin cuz actors here the actors playin the part he? she? sneaky looks around your shouder (shouder) i dont wanna carried away in a hearse i wish i knew how might die but no bodys know you sneaky little imposter arent arent you you sneaky little imposter arent you arent you but youre among us i can feel it i can feel it in my bones so why dont you show your sefl leave us all alone maybe youre just messin with arent you arent maybe you messin with us arent you arent you but your among us i can feel it so why dont you show your self show your self but your among us so show your self cuz not a single one of us want to die here right now no no no no i think were done with this charade soo why dont you come out and please stop playin with ur brains oh no ...... you sneaky little imposter arent you arent you you sneaky little imposter arent you arent you but youre among us i can feel it i can feel it in my bones so why dont you show your self so just leave us alone you sneaky little imposter arent you arent you youre sneaky little imposter arent you arent you but your among us i can feel it i can feel it in my bones soo why dont you show your sefl? (cg5 was an mposter)

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  • Uwieeeee

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  • Omg 😆 at 00:27 hahahahaha 😂 can’t stop laugh 😂

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  • Lmfao he stole animations to get like

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  • Why they are so cute

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  • Esto no tiene sentido

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  • Oui

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  • 😂😂😂😂

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  • video: keeps saying weeee me: WE GET IT- this video tho is amazing

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  • I love the last one and everyone was saying wheeeeee!😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Jaja qué gracioso el uuyyyyy 🤗🤗

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  • -Clarity plays but earrape and loudly-

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  • This Is Art.

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  • Is that sound is of the green angry bird?

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  • When all jumping in the lava the sound weeeeeew that was so funny🤣🤣 i hear the sound 28 times

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  • Ahahahahah oyoyoyoy

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  • (Jdaerw:3)

  • Last music name plz

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  • So funny😅

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  • Ueee

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  • nice animations

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  • SOO MUCH views in just 3 weeks OMG😲

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  • The part where players fall was stupid and funny coz they think opposite like its opposite day xD

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  • WeEeEeEeEeEeEeeEeEeeEeEeEeeEeEeeEEeeEEEEEeeeeEeEeeEeEe

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  • Kenapa begitu aneh banget🙏🙏

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  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ/Hahahahaha

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  • Uhhhh weeeeeeeeeee REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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  • Huuiiiiiiing

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  • 0:33 소름

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  • Bang aku ganteng dulu ya yang bikinnya yang namanya siapa woi Abang ganteng eh Bang ganteng ngajarin aku main game

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  • 0:13 teleporter never works properly, you should have known that

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  • What the fck

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  • 0:31 funn "all uingg" 👁️👄👁️

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  • why is this so good?

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  • Kkkkkkkk loser

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  • Weeeeeeeeeeeee ☹

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  • Woo left the game

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  • Can we really jump in the Lava like that?

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  • Me encanto las voses de los monos😂😂😂😂

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  • Me da risa este video por que se caen uiii

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  • That was so f in cringy

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  • Nobody: Not even a single soul: Error:Making random among us vids

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  • Jajajaja

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  • ja ja ja ja good comedy

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  • 0:33 its raining crewmates

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  • Uweeeeeeyouueeeeeeeyouuweeeeeee

  • WeEEeeEeEeEEeeeeeEeeeeee *Woo* left the game I laughed so mcuh

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  • What is the outro song name

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  • idiots

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  • Não tem como cair na lava

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  • Not funny

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  • Pls pin this is i trick u Read more

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  • a hahaha!!! sooooo funny!!!!!! >o

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  • XD

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  • Oh god this made my day 😂

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  • Can I know what’s your outro music?

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  • This was satisfying.

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  • I could recognize this uweee sound from miles away, this is the original scream of bomb from angry birds

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  • they are same color

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  • i love the part where they said "weeee"

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  • wEeEeEEeEeeEeEEeE!

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  • WeeeeeEEeEEeEEEeEEEEWeEeEEEEeEEEEeEEEeEEEEE evryone said like:WEeEEeEEEeEEEeEEeEEE and then i was like ........NYAAAAAAAA SHUT THE HELL UPPP!!

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  • Me sees everybody jumps:Wtf? Me: ima join Me: wit what the robots Everybody:hey where did the captain go Game: (Captain was not an inposter) 1 imposter remains Orange:Oh shit Blue: did he really fall for that Pink: i think he did

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  • Remember every splash in lava is a horrible and extremely painful death.

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  • lol

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  • Lmao when u tell people to go jump unto a river somewhere

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  • 1 love you Error 😄😄


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  • *WEEEEEEE intensifies*

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  • Hello error

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  • Put them in the Lava: All Choices

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  • How creative you are

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  • What’s the music at the end of the video?

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  • Lol

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  • Do a back flip

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  • Что за Почему они все падают в лаву🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • OO W H E E E E EE eEeE e eE

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