Among Us but you can't kill me

17.09.2020 г.
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Inspired by @MashProTato
This video take 6 hours to make EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • oh anyway! Join this Discord server they do among us events constantly and they're looking for more players:

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    • Plz play terraria with me

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    • among us exe 3.

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    • I am your fan

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  • You deserve 900K

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  • 😂0:04 green LOL the way he looks

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  • Second atack is sans vs chara

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  • Found the original

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  • "I like ya cut G" was done so nicely

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  • aw that’s cute Orange: 0:19

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  • This is genius man playing among us.

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  • Put it to 0.75 thank me later

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  • 0:02 Shoot himself

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  • 0:16 i like ya cut g

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  • Blackpilled yet again.

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  • Wow

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  • 0:01 Heeyyy storyshift chara

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  • I bet this would be if an Imposter tried to kill another Imposter

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  • 0:16 is my favorite. No doubt about it, and y’all can’t change my mind.

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  • 0:02 this is what You Call Chara And Sans in Among us

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  • مافهمت شي

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  • crewmate revenge

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  • Red you always *Sus*

  • Wait this the thing that Jzboy is famous for...

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  • They protecc, They attacc, But most importantly... They fight bacc

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  • When you join the ship with full of pillar men:

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  • Red:*ding* I have dinged you with taco bells bell. Me:I know i did but what did you do NOTHING exactly

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  • 0:00 cant touch this!

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  • 0:04 play it on 0x25

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  • 0:14 ай лайк кот джи!

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  • *red was not an imposter*

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  • I like ya cut G

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  • Ultra instinct

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  • How did this get 28 Millon views in one Month?

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  • "Im a bad bitch you can’t kill me"

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  • ...

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  • 0:14 lmao

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  • Куплю гараж

  • Amazing!!!

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  • 28 MILLION views

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  • Alternave title: Among Us But Crewmate is Ninja

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  • No repore

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  • :ff

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  • The Battleblock theater one got me 😂

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  • _it is so insane to see how this 20sec video has almost 30mil views_

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  • I like ya cut g

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  • the one when he cut of his tongue with the cough at the end and the last one when he squished his hands was so funny lol

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  • *He is to dangerous to be left alive!*

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  • สุดยอด

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  • battleblock theater reference yess

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  • funne

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  • 1:14

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  • Wow 👍

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  • I like your cut g- SLAP!!!! I love that lol

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  • I like ya cut g

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  • I like how white (the color of All sticks) was for the teleporter reference and also how each of the deaths were different colors instead of focusing on one.

    Noob. I guess.Noob. I guess.преди ден
  • i love how purple bitch slaps the imposter

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  • "I like your cut g." *S L A P*

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  • The Obama supporters:

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  • The crewmates are the uno reverse card

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  • I found you through hobo bros lol

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  • 0:14 my favorite

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  • I like a cut g *slap Edit : oof

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  • 0:16

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  • among us but jesus car

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  • I honestly think that there should be a feature where there's a small chance that when an Impostor goes to kill someone, the target fights back and kills the Impostor.

    SirMikaySirMikayпреди ден
    • That would wreck the balance

      Jorgim The GuyJorgim The Guyпреди ден
  • "I like your cut G--" _s l a p_

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  • Can I upload this video in my chanel? I'll leave source instead

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  • 200 IQ

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  • red sus

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  • Red is always the imposter

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  • I like your card she

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  • Lol what if they added a mode where u have to fight the imposter?

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  • I like this, this is good

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  • This literally killed me xD Especially the last part *I can't-*

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  • 0:15

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  • Why is Red always imposter

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  • i like yo cut g *_S M A C K_*

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  • The yutubers says this is kid game they wrong it's for aldult cuz the impostor kills there weapon not for kids

    jason kun playzjason kun playzпреди 2 дни
    • Cuz it have gun,knife,turning around the neck,and more

      jason kun playzjason kun playzпреди 2 дни
  • Omg I flat reds fingers (cus I'm the orange U.U)

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  • 16 seconds in red: I like you cut purple: slaps his face untill it looks like a c

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  • 0:03 Red became phoenix wright

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  • red kinda sus

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  • When the man was needed most, he returned.

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  • :06 ah yes the good old unreliable teleporter

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  • Haha

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  • when the crewmates have had enough

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  • Love this

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  • Red is kinda sus

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  • CIA in Russia

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  • The HACKER tripulant

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  • 0:10 Battleblock Theater Betray

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  • "I LIKE YA CUT G." *[SMACC]*

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  • I just noticed WeegiePie’s comment has 69K Likes.

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  • somebody is a copycat its you or somebody elseee you posted the same video the same colors time to see who it is by looking at the datessss

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    • teimia highlights copyed this they made the same exact thing please see this and understand

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  • Among us but everyone is an imposter

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  • Impostor: *tries to kill me* My crewmate: *sees the scene* Me: *pepper sprays the Impostor*

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  • When an imposter kills an imposter”

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  • You mama so slow

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  • 0:04

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  • I like ya cut G

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