BACK TO SCHOOL! Fun DIY School Hacks and Supplies by KABOOM!

19.06.2020 г.
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Even the most popular school kids need some extra DIY aid from time to time, right? Good thing we’ve got just what you need! Gather up all of your school supplies, because we’re about to learn how to hide your phone from even the keenest teacher’s eyes! In case of an unexpected oversleep, we’ve got an emergency makeup tip using simple colored pencils! Stay tuned for these cool school hacks, school supply ideas, and other DIY hacks!
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Phone On Shirt
Painted Backpack
Cheat Note
Pencil Makeup
Macaron Earphone Holders
Nail File On Notebook

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  • Hey, folks 💥🖐️ It’s never too late for a bundle of cool school hacks! 🍎✏️👨‍🏫 Even the coolest school kids will want to try them out! 👸🎒😍 Let me know which of these school hacks you like the most! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🌟🌟🌟 Much love from Kaboom 💖💖💖

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