BLACKPINK - ‘Lovesick Girls’ M/V

1.10.2020 г.
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BLACKPINK - ‘Lovesick Girls’
영원한 밤
창문 없는 방에 우릴 가둔 love
What can we say
매번 아파도 외치는 love
다치고 망가져도 나
뭘 믿고 버티는 거야
어차피 떠나면 상처투성인 채로 미워하게 될걸
끝장을 보기 전 끝낼 순 없어
이 아픔을 기다린 것처럼
아마 다 잠깐 일지도 몰라
우린 무얼 찾아서 헤매는 걸까
But I don’t care I’ll do it over and over
내 세상 속엔 너만 있으면 돼
We are the lovesick girls
네 멋대로 내 사랑을 끝낼순 없어
We are the lovesick girls
이 아픔 없인 난 아무 의미가 없어
But we were born to be alone
Yeah we were born to be alone
Yeah we were born to be alone
But why we still looking for love
No love letters, no x and o’s
No love never, my exes know
No diamond rings, that set in stone
To the left, better left alone
Didn’t wanna be a princess, I’m priceless
A prince not even on my list
Love is a drug that I quit
No doctor could help when I’m lovesick
아마 다 잠깐 일지도 몰라
우린 무얼 찾아서 헤매는 걸까
불안한 내 눈빛 속에 널 담아
아프더라도 너만 있으면 돼
We are the lovesick girls
네 멋대로 내 사랑을 끝낼 순 없어
We are the lovesick girls
이 아픔 없인 난 아무 의미가 없어
But we were born to be alone
Yeah we were born to be alone
Yeah we were born to be alone
But why we still looking for love
사랑은 slippin’ and fallin’
사랑은 killin’ your darlin’
아프다 아물면 또 찾아오는 이 겁 없는 떨림
들리지 않아 what you say
이 아픔이 난 행복해
나를 불쌍해 하는 네가 내 눈엔 더 불쌍해
We are the lovesick girls
네 멋대로 내 사랑을 끝낼 순 없어
We are the lovesick girls
이 아픔없인 난 아무 의미가 없어
Lovesick girls
모두 결국 떠나가고
Lovesick girls
내 눈물이 무뎌져도
Lovesick girls
아프고 또 아파도
Lovesick girls
But we’re still looking for love
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  • lisa never dissappointed me

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  • this song kill me

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  • 10m likes coming

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  • That is soooooooo cool 🥰🥰🥰😍😘😘😘💜💜🤎

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  • Check my cover of lovesick girls on my channel tnx

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  • Lovesick girls on GMA #BLACKPINKonGMA, love it!! Short and sharp interviews, all doing great. I would love to see you guys on the international stage, ceremony, festival after the pandemic. BLACKPINK also named by Sisa Journal’s 2020 as Next Generation 100 Leaders who present hope for South Korea, someday, a long speech will happen, and practice makes perfect. Jennie laughed a lot on the TikTok stage, good!, Take care guys. ;)

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  • 2주만에 1.6억 실화?

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  • waw

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  • Weird how South Koreans just blatantly blast Jennie's nurse cosplay that they had to remove her nurse persona and just let them keep her crazy persona for their entire part of the video. Kinda hard for us International Blinks to have a say anyway.

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  • Bec of the modules I have to answer I can't streammmm!!!!! So i decided to watch this vid 2-3 times a day:)

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  • 200M today!! 200M hoy!! 200M 오늘!!

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  • forgot about prince

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  • Blackpink

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  • Almost 10 millions likes, I've never seen such a good likes-dislikes ratio on a BlackPink MV before ! This song is so good that even haters love it

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  • I LOVE Blacklick I love less a and mine and just a ND roti love you. 😙

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  • a blink and bts army too i luv and support both

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  • I miss the "BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA" :( Like if you miss too

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  • بما انو كل البلينك ف أغنية ديناميت يحطوا ايموجي منشوف مين رح يجمد مشاهدات انتو تجمدوا احنا نجمد ضعفكم 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

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  • your love will come

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  • BLINKS!!!! de todo el mundo por que no somos mas organizados vamos perdiendo en todo y que paso con BLINK?!! por favor compromentanse con ellas parace que tiene mas oyentes casuales que fans lamentablemente BLINKS !!!! from all over the world because we are not more organized we are losing in everything and what happened to BLINK? !! please engage with them seems to have more casual listeners than fans unfortunately

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  • 나밖에 한국인 없는건가?..

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  • People say blackpink has human-fans only Like if you are a chilli🌶👇

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  • 0:40~1:10 이부분너무좋아서 심멎할뻔..

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  • Black pink can I have Rose number please can you give faster 😀😁

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  • Jisoo is single here???

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  • SOTY SOTY SOTY SAY IT WITH ME SOTY SOTY SOTY SOTY Come on blinks we can do this, BlackPink SOTY!

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  • Jennie kim❤

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  • popular opinion: i'm here before pubg

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  • 제가 생각하는 러브식 걸스는 약간 미국풍느낌인데 설명하자면 명량한 미국 17세~18세 소녀들이 학교 끝나고 집에 모여서 노래 틀고 춤추는 느낌이네요. 제 개인적인 생각이지만 EDM과 노래 음이 그런 쪽의 느낌이라 생각합니다. 1:55 같은 부분에 여러명이 부르는게 딱 그런 느낌이라 생각해요

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  • let's hit 200M guys

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  • don't wanna be a princess i'm priceless

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  • Cool, beautiful, enthusiastic😍

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  • 200M 200M 200M

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  • so close to 10M likes!

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  • Wow ganada ni jennir

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  • blinks were busy with tik tok

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  • Lisa and rose is beautiful

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  • Let's go 200M BLINK 🙏 WE WAIT FOR 4 YEARS

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  • เสียดายกีตาร์จังเลย

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  • Princess of K-pop

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  • türk blinkler var mı burda la

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  • Jisoo is byutiful

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  • #BlinksAreTheBestWhenUnited #FOUReverWithBLACKPINK

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