Eating ONLY Military Food for 24 HOURS!! **shocking**

12.01.2021 г.
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I ate only what Military people eat which is called an MRE, Meal Ready to Eat, and it was surprisingly DELICIOUS!
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    • Hi rug wassup thx for making these amazing vids and keep up the work

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    • When ever I’m on a giveaway I never win it’s my dream to have a ps5 if u could that will make my year

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  • “Ive actually never had regular stew” -Rug People that live on the West Coast🤷🏽 am i right

    Mādd KennedyMādd Kennedyпреди 14 минути
  • Crunchy bread

    Hayes GentleHayes Gentleпреди 14 минути
  • As a military member I can tell you are mres aren't bad and I'm glad you could confirm

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  • Have fun trying to shit after this

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  • Me and my friend went camping and his dad is in the military and we had MRE’s when we went camping

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  • soon ima be eating military food :)

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  • The Military probably eat better than we do

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  • toast and ive ben her for 4years so ye

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  • My dad did this but for two years

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  • I had i mil. Luch and i was in the pack for 26 years

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  • Faze Rug next time you eat military food get BBQ that's the best one out of all in my opinion ig

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  • Rug:I have never had a regular stew Irish: 😳😳 are u ok

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