26.12.2020 г.
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Brawl Stars Animation Edgar Origin is my new animation, thank you for watching the video.
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▶This is a fan art video made by Gumymation
---------------------------------------------------------------⭐️BRAWL STARS⭐️---------------------------------------------------------------
Brawl Stars is a multiplayer video game of fighter fights (called Brawlers) in matched arenas, developed and published by Supercell.
The main objective of the game is to get the most cups. Players enter different game modes such as: trap, solo survival, duo survival, siege, heist, starfighter, restricted zone, starfight, brawl ball, urban breakthrough, megabrawler, robotic fight, and all-on-one.
Visit www.supercell.com for more brawl stars

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  • NO WAY COLLETE IS KIND OF A MOM OF EDGAR!!! Where os father, como'n?!?! :Son, i Will be back soon, just buying cigarrets blablablá...

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  • Enserio todooo el pinche mundo se cree que Edgar y collete son Hermanos?! Es enserio? Solo porque Gabino lo dijo verdad? Supercell dijo que trabajan juntos no son parientes EDGAR X COLLLETE !!!! EDGAR X COLLETE

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  • Well, Edgar dates me, bibi is his friend, I keep an eye on him

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  • Биби с леоном а эдгар с колетт это не его Мать!!!

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  • Pls Byron Origin

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  • Коллеги не мам а его вторая половинка

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  • why does it seem that colette is edgar's mom

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  • That's very cool but,I like ship Edgar and Colette

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  • Aqui yo creo que Colette es la hermana mayo de Edgar

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  • Эдгар: "есть 2 девушки"; Мои мысли: Misdion complete Perfect+

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    • @Denny supercell мы не понимаем английског я точно дени

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    • Big sister xd

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  • I vant ti say collete us not edgards mather i hate wen peaple sayd dat

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  • Edgar my favorite brawler

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  • Есть русские история людей лайк и подписка

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  • Edgar x Colette 7-7

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