Fortnite Season 5 BATTLE PASS! (Full TIER 100 UNLOCKED)

2.12.2020 г.
1 850 959 Показвания

Fortnite Season 5 REVEAL LIVE REACTION! (Battle Pass LIVE)
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Fortnite Season 5 REVEAL LIVE REACTION! (Battle Pass LIVE) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay funny moments video! Today we react to the LIVE Galactus Devourer of Worlds event in Fortnite to start Chapter 2 Season 5!
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- Kiwiz

  • He down graded from COD

    SayKayaSayKayaпреди 7 дни
  • The mystery skin is agent jonesy

    Camden KellyCamden Kellyпреди месец
  • He never rated it out of 10

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  • Fire vid

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  • kiwiz is a pervert

    jason zhengjason zhengпреди месец
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      Raul Jr.Raul Jr.преди месец
    • @Raul Jr. buddy ur a kid toucher too 😂😂😂

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    • Ur late

      Raul Jr.Raul Jr.преди месец

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  • When u relly know that skin is so good

    sharkz_undeadsharkz_undeadпреди месец
  • Gift it to me pls I have defoliant

    Justin TanjutcoJustin Tanjutcoпреди месец
  • 0:54 really 😂 it’s a spray

    astroastroпреди месец
  • This season is bad in my opinion

    dizzyloldizzylolпреди месец
  • Reese skin kinda rimins me of bachi

    Cosmic SyphicCosmic Syphicпреди месец
  • Hi

    Auquaz FastAuquaz Fastпреди месец
  • sounds like you need a break from this game 😂

    JonahftpJonahftpпреди месец
  • I watched him do this on his four in the morning...

    RyysinzRyysinzпреди месец
  • I use the emotions sometimes on my superhero skin

    slaxcslaxcпреди месец
  • This nigga thumnails kills me 😂

    MariiMariiпреди месец
  • Menace is supposed to look like a accent worrier

    LG2 Ben existsLG2 Ben existsпреди месец

    Steff JanSteff Janпреди месец
  • Me: tries to get top comment Verified BGworldrs: imma end this mans career

    Nikstar112Nikstar112преди месец
    • And the guy above you

      Joey DalelioJoey Dalelioпреди месец
  • Can everyone plz say nice things in the comments of my vids!

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  • nnnice im gonnna behind in the battlepass

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  • Yo kiwiz can u look at one of my montages plz

    XilefyXilefyпреди месец
  • Sick another grown man in a mansion playing battle royale and spending tons of money. $79.00 is quite a bit Ngl the lexa skin is fire in my opinion probably since I'm an anime addict.

    Moldy Pepper しんぞをささげよMoldy Pepper しんぞをささげよпреди месец

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  • I was in ur stream for 4 hours

  • i hate ur videos like there so badddddddd

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  • :)

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  • Go back to Color duty black ops two

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  • Who else is happy that there is one BGworld who actually is doing something usefull instead of bribing nine year olds by saying that they will gift them the battle pass

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  • Need soport ❤

    BiscuitFNMBiscuitFNMпреди месец
  • please PLEASE can i have the battle pass ive never had one ive been subed seince you started your channel and i liked evry one of your videos and i have postnotifs on my gamertag is Prisonmike65566

    Ian MasonIan Masonпреди месец
  • this video popped off bro omg

    RAzγRAzγпреди месец
  • Yes ppl actually uses the emoticons

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  • ppl use the stickers for fashion shows sometime

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  • 1.8amView in an 13 hours🙂

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  • If reviewing a battle pass was totally honest

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  • Syrup slinger is in the western movie tombstone

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  • Only og watched the stream

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  • Cmon Kiwiz Bro They Had To Bring Back The Tac Cmon Dude No More pumps 🙄 I’m Not Hating I love you dude but That’s Bullshit

    HustlaHustlaпреди месец
  • i only use the stickers because you can use them when you die so i do the frowny snowman face everytime

    Lion KingdomLion Kingdomпреди месец
  • Please react to my montage that will make my year

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  • The clown sticker.

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    MaKo PlayzMaKo Playzпреди месец
  • I use stickers

    dragon Slayer4551dragon Slayer4551преди месец
  • Не думаю, что пятый сезон выглядит так уж интересно, я не покупаю боевой пропуск

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalinпреди месец
  • For literally the 99% of the people who don't this, God bless and stay safe. I'm trying to hit 500 before Christmas🍀:)

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  • wait do have to have the fortnite crew to get the battepass?

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  • One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈

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    • The reason they stick with fortnite is because they blew up from it i mean i make vids on fn to but i also make other content (not promoting my channel just saying just incase someone says something about my channel and stuff)

      ONIONIпреди месец
  • So fortnite mobile is now forgotten? WHY ARNT U DOING SHI

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    • When was fortnite gone for mobile?

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    • Wdym im playing on a galaxy

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  • 7:54 I prefer that then the anime

    Danny GutierrezDanny Gutierrezпреди месец
  • So if I am level 2 and buy the battle pass I will get all the stuff as I level up right

    Danny GutierrezDanny Gutierrezпреди месец
  • Add me guy from chat my name jungleboyqt

    JungleBoy SykeJungleBoy Sykeпреди месец
  • he wasn't hyped that much because on his youtube stream he saw all the leaks before looking at the actual battlepass

    tqpstqpsпреди месец
  • Saw it on live

    BenjaminBenjaminпреди месец
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