From NERD to HOTTIE -How to become popular by La La Life musical

11.10.2020 г.
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Do you want to be more popular? School can be hard enough without having to worry if people like you or not. But if there is a chance to be both smart and popular than it worth a try!
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00:00 I need to become a tik tok star
01:00 Skate tik tok
01:40 So clumsy
02:04 The makeover
02:55 How can I be a tik tok star too?
03:30 The party
06:00 Let's dance together
06:59 My friends are copying me
07:45 Wanna go on a date?
#comedy #tiktok #musical
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  • This Channal and all other channels they own need to be deleted they don’t care about their content they support homophobia bullying hate speech and that only in this one in others they promote more bullying gambling and stalking and that’s just all I can keep up with

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