Gorillaz - The Pink Phantom ft. Elton John & 6LACK (Episode Seven)

1.10.2020 г.
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Gorillaz present Song Machine | Season One
Episode Seven: The Pink Phantom ft. Elton John & 6LACK
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Director: Jamie Hewlett
Co-Directors: Tim McCourt, Max Taylor
Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
Production Managers: Samia Ahmed & Lisa A. Smith
Production Assistants: Laurence Moss & Skye van der Walt
2D Animation Supervisor/Lead Animator: Venla Linna
2D Animators: Amanda Holm, Simone Cirillo, Pierre Rutz
Clean Up Artists: Paola Costigliola, Venla Linna, Amanda Holm, Francisco Magalhães, Jessica Leslau
Compositors: Deborah Ho, Max Taylor, Freddie Lewis-Walls, Vincent E Souza, Elliott Kajdan
Production Company: The Line

Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management
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  • 0:10 surprised no one pointed out the car looks like the one from stylo

    Josheboy3 62Josheboy3 62преди 3 часа
  • My right ear enjoyed this

    Lost warriorLost warriorпреди 4 часа
  • I am addicted to this song now. It is one of those songs that grow on you very slowly that it takes over.

    Hany M.GamalHany M.Gamalпреди 4 часа
  • "YES" "YES" "YES" "YES" "YES"

    Anil oAnil oпреди 5 часа
  • Wow its feel like the best collaboration i ever heard in the fingers with candles is sign of life that wont last for ever.

    Rodel memeRodel memeпреди 5 часа
  • The only time I like the rap more than the rest

    TomTomпреди 6 часа
  • 3:27 is The best part, where all of them sing together

    BrunoFNBrunoFNпреди 6 часа
  • I like elton john music

    Lemon Dan21Lemon Dan21преди 6 часа
  • Ahora con Paul mccartney

    Carlos GarciaCarlos Garciaпреди 7 часа
  • 4:24 poor murdock :(

  • Awesome also I'm like this is 3 WEEKS AGO

    The weird world channelThe weird world channelпреди 7 часа
  • You tried to make me cry.

    Maxwell EdisonMaxwell Edisonпреди 8 часа
  • "6LACK sounds so terrible and out of place on this track, makes me wince every time he starts having a stroke whilst drowning in autotune.

    Paul TurnerPaul Turnerпреди 8 часа
  • I noticed 2D didn’t open his eyes at all during the video

    TwinkieTwinkieпреди 8 часа
  • This would have been really increddible if it was JUST a colab with Elton John...

    YoakahYoakahпреди 8 часа
  • Wtf happened to 2d`s nose

    MalakiMalakiпреди 9 часа
    • He’s like 45 😭

      Моль ВочиМоль Вочипреди 8 часа
  • I like gorillaz but I don’t like this one :(

    Marcel MusicMarcel Musicпреди 9 часа
    • Third time listening. This is amazing

      Marcel MusicMarcel Musicпреди 9 часа
    • Second time listening , ok maybe I do

      Marcel MusicMarcel Musicпреди 9 часа
  • Soulfull!!...Just soulful and beautiful!!

    Maku Prod.Maku Prod.преди 10 часа
  • Dam man I love your songs I listen you from I was 5 years old🥺

    Diego LedesmaDiego Ledesmaпреди 10 часа
  • The rap guy always ruins these songs and the auto-tune bullshit is just insulting.

    WhoDarestheMAN gamerWhoDarestheMAN gamerпреди 11 часа
  • Joder, lo admito me siento conectado a esta canción, parece que el pegamento funcionó

    Axedan GuevaraAxedan Guevaraпреди 12 часа
  • I wonder when will Ace get back?

    Elohim 3972Elohim 3972преди 12 часа
  • Loved Gorillaz, sleepy little town was my favorite and this song too

    Mike ModeMike Modeпреди 13 часа
  • Docking pianos. Now I've seen everything

    Justin SmithJustin Smithпреди 14 часа

    Hannah MoeHannah Moeпреди 14 часа

    Israel Maciel ChávezIsrael Maciel Chávezпреди 15 часа
  • 1:27 with thanos on the way

    Is That a Spider?Is That a Spider?преди 15 часа
  • 6lack = autotune BS /// Elton john sounds amazing

    GalactusemiaGalactusemiaпреди 15 часа
  • noob

    deathstardeathstarпреди 15 часа
  • This legit brought a tear to my eye... Edit: okay actually I’m sobbing

    Is That a Spider?Is That a Spider?преди 15 часа
  • I love to hear Elton's solo for this song.

    BDTXIIIBDTXIIIпреди 15 часа
  • 6lack and Elton John did amazing on a track together

    Purple Underground MusicPurple Underground Musicпреди 16 часа
  • Hola 🗿

    Daniel Fernando RodriguezDaniel Fernando Rodriguezпреди 16 часа
  • Alto tema perro 🗿

    Daniel Fernando RodriguezDaniel Fernando Rodriguezпреди 16 часа
  • First watched this tripping acid. 10/10 would trip again. Extra points for the penis pianos.

    SkumpkinSkumpkinпреди 16 часа
  • Loving this gorrilified Elton John

    Lily MaillouxLily Maillouxпреди 16 часа
  • My class when we hear the word GORILLA . FEEL GOOD teacher*feels like a failure*

    Joe TANIELUJoe TANIELUпреди 17 часа
  • Turn on Loop🔥

    Silver Zeno infinitySilver Zeno infinityпреди 17 часа
  • Nice...lets keep seeing unity across the generation!

    Mr. BjackMr. Bjackпреди 17 часа
  • Elton is so bad anímated .

    Oscar VillalobosOscar Villalobosпреди 18 часа
    • Q

      tinaza y sus dibujostinaza y sus dibujosпреди 17 часа
  • 2-D looks so fucking cute here.

    skelethorbaeskelethorbaeпреди 18 часа
  • Imagine if this was in vr, and the piano started moving.

    RYONBORYONBOпреди 18 часа
  • One song of all times this is art

    Jorge Campos MendietaJorge Campos Mendietaпреди 18 часа
  • Just imagine if they replaced 6LACK with Frank Ocean...omg this would literally be the best song ever

    [Stand] Primus[Stand] Primusпреди 18 часа
    • Fingers cross for a Frank Ocean and Gorillaz collab

      RatioChillOutRatioChillOutпреди 10 часа
  • New artists need way too much editing to make halfway decent, then 2-d and Elton comes in, woowww truely shows talent vs editing

    Kyle WinderKyle Winderпреди 19 часа
  • I didn't know Elton John was still alive.

    Josh SilvaJosh Silvaпреди 20 часа
  • it seems to me, im innnnnn aaaaaaa dreeaaaam

    Magical BeansMagical Beansпреди 20 часа
  • It is an incredible song, without a doubt song machine has been one of the best gorillaz labunes

    Julian David Gomez PatiñoJulian David Gomez Patiñoпреди 21 час
  • 1:29 3:36

    JSL50XJSL50Xпреди 21 час

    LovingsLovingsпреди 21 час
  • That autotune sheit foked it up

    Simeon WilequetSimeon Wilequetпреди 22 часа
  • Someone only came here for Elton Jhon? who knows 6lack?

    Gaspar SalvadorGaspar Salvadorпреди 23 часа
  • 1:28 Who are you?

    Банда в КигурумиБанда в Кигурумипреди 23 часа
    • @luscious thanks

      Банда в КигурумиБанда в Кигурумипреди 13 часа
    • Thats elton john

      lusciouslusciousпреди 19 часа
  • If you are watching this in 2020 and are a fan of Gorillaz then you have an awesome musical taste.

    Nyx StrixNyx Strixпреди 23 часа
  • I didn’t care for 6LACK’s feature during my first couple listens, but listening now it just feels so crucial to the song.

    Humongous EgoHumongous Egoпреди 23 часа
    • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAYING THAT. I really feel like he wraps the song up like a present.

      David AtteberryDavid Atteberryпреди 21 час
  • felicidades encontraste un comentario en español, toma awa

    Alberto Vázquez RodríguezAlberto Vázquez Rodríguezпреди ден
    • Looks like you used google translate haha when you said awa? I think you meant agua. I know cuz im part mexican and not a gringo

      lusciouslusciousпреди 19 часа
  • ok, this is epic.

    DarkuDarkuпреди ден
  • 2:29 me in the morning

    Gabriel AmaralGabriel Amaralпреди ден
  • My favorite song this year!

    Taylor HTaylor Hпреди ден
  • epico

    wd PAPER JUICEwd PAPER JUICEпреди ден
  • No cap this has gotta be the worst gorillaz song ever.

    Duff Road RollerDuff Road Rollerпреди ден
    • @Gabriel Dixon Saturn Barz hits, just because it is hard to understand what Popcan is saying doesn't make it bad, the chorus of that so amazing, and whenever you read the lyrics to the song along with it it just makes it much better.

      Duff Road RollerDuff Road Rollerпреди 4 часа
    • How about Saturn Barz?

      Gabriel DixonGabriel Dixonпреди ден
  • Meee encanta 🥺🔥

    Marcela CedilloMarcela Cedilloпреди ден
  • Lyrics (FYI) (2-d) You've more or less forgotten me this summer I can't hide my disappointment I was on my way in the phantom five The one you gave away (6black) Try to tell that i love you but i'm choked up You forgot and that makes me feel like no one (sometimes) Were you even really there?Did you ever really care? Wait,i got so many examples of all the good times we had Long summer nights (summer nights),held you long time Put your name in my rhyme,refresh your memory Of where you want to be,the phantom's on the way She's coming down the street [Elton john] I tried to get to atlanta On a peach blossom highway I'm tryin to put these puzzles out of mind In a sky made of diamonds Where the world fell silent I'll be waiting for you on the other side [2-d] Summer lights (everyday,everyday) Sometimes (ride where the summer goes) Summer nights Every night Summer nights [Elton john and 2-d] I tried to say i love you But you didn't listen (sometimes) Tried to give you everything you might need (summer nights) In a sky made of diamonds And where the world is flawless I'll be waiting for you on the other side. [2-d] Summer lights, summer lights Hold it in for a long time Summer lights, seems to me i'm in a dream Oh, these summer lights. [Elton john, 6black and 2-d] The phantom is coming You forgot and that makes me fell like no one She's crossing over the line Wait, i got so many examples of all of the good times we had Seems to me i'm in a dream (long summer nights, held you long time) (Put your name in my rhyme,refresh your memory) And i have these summer nights (of where you want to be, the phantom's on the way) (She's comin' down the street) Sometimes.

  • At this point gorillaz could ask the pope to make a song with them and he’d say yes

    nexusnexusпреди ден
  • 3:25 is just a sad vibe for me :《

    Miguel MoralesMiguel Moralesпреди ден
  • Feel good Inc and Clint Eastwood is good.. But this. Is epic

    Marcel MapaMarcel Mapaпреди ден
  • i love how murdoc's steps are in time with the song

    Varun GuptaVarun Guptaпреди ден
  • I completely love this song with all my heart

    loreloreпреди ден
  • Gorillaz used to be great. Nowadays? It's nothing. Big, fat, nothing.

    emszabiemszabiпреди ден
    • This song is great

      CADU VERSOSCADU VERSOSпреди 22 часа
  • Idk if anyone's pointed this out, but 2Ds entire outfit looks like different pride flags. His shirt and hair, trans flag, shoes remind me of the lesbian flag, and his hair, eye shadow, and pink in his shirt, bisexual flag

    Kuro ShiKuro Shiпреди ден
  • It's cool. The animation is show.

    Karla SolinoKarla Solinoпреди ден
  • listen to 1.5

    phostuephostueпреди ден
  • I love elton

    Ben RodriguezBen Rodriguezпреди ден
  • Was I the only one waiting for 2-D to open his eyes ?

    Sasha SiSasha Siпреди ден
  • Why does this remind me so much of fireflies in the Now Now album

    z9 BlitZz9 BlitZпреди ден
  • 0:53 I can't get enough of that smile Seeing our jittery boy so calm, happy and at peace makes me feel some way Q uQ

    FatBestialSwanFatBestialSwanпреди ден
  • This was shit mate.

    Otto Von HusenOtto Von Husenпреди ден
  • He was already badass in kingsman golden circle

    John Paul Benedict PadolinaJohn Paul Benedict Padolinaпреди ден
  • Gorillaz is the best band of this year!! Just so fucking epic crossover...

    Luis SantiagoLuis Santiagoпреди ден
  • Man, Elton has one hell of a voice.

    FearBooFearBooпреди ден
  • Genio sencillamente es genial ♥️😍

    Carmen LaraCarmen Laraпреди ден
  • Featuring WHO

    PitmasterJPitmasterJпреди ден
  • Gorillaz termino en plastic beach sin duda

    Javier QueralesJavier Queralesпреди ден
  • This...is damn near perfect music. A blending of harmony and style from three different and brilliant artists...it was magic. Thank you. So much.

    Mia FilleneMia Filleneпреди ден
  • this song gives me chills, so fucking good

    Molten_Molten_преди ден

    Holly MyersHolly Myersпреди ден
  • 2d os amazing

    teorias malucasteorias malucasпреди ден
  • Murdoc is ghostbusting

    CAM ERONCAM ERONпреди ден
    • @infinite Donuts not Murdoc sneaking around with a net hahaha

      CAM ERONCAM ERONпреди ден
    • Who u gunna call?

      infinite Donutsinfinite Donutsпреди ден
  • he asked me how gorillaz went about making 3 different styles of music match perfectly?

    XPRMNT !XPRMNT !преди ден
  • god this song is so fucking amazing

    Maliq MurraineMaliq Murraineпреди ден
  • I was wondering why they made Elton John so ugly then i looked him up and thought they made him look better

    Make YE Great AgainMake YE Great Againпреди ден
  • Can we talk about the fact that 2D has a Hand of Glory on the piano?

    BonewyrmBonewyrmпреди ден
  • Elton John sounds amazing in this song

    DiscoCODBlake PaulDiscoCODBlake Paulпреди ден
    • I know right!

      infinite Donutsinfinite Donutsпреди ден
  • I didn't think it was amazing but it was good

    Make YE Great AgainMake YE Great Againпреди ден
  • I cant stop listening to this song😩

    Cloud Animesempai0Cloud Animesempai0преди ден
  • Feels like an acid trip and a fever dream had a love child

    FrostbiteFrostbiteпреди ден
  • Damn, this is a really great song! Much love!

    Dark Lord Sy'rathusDark Lord Sy'rathusпреди ден
  • I do not know why. I laugh when 6LACK appears

    H033 METALH033 METALпреди ден
  • will murdoc ever change his outfit?

    Marcella PerezMarcella Perezпреди ден
  • @2:28 no homoerotic imagery there... nope.. not one bit.

    Jason BarnesJason Barnesпреди ден