I Spoke To Dream's Sister

15.10.2020 г.
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Today TommyInnit speaks to the Real Life Sister of Dream in Minecraft. This was insane.
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Today Me and Dream have lots of laughs on the Dream SMP and I even speak to his Real Life Sister! Now, although this isn't a Vlog like I met Wilbur Soot in Real Life, I do speak to Dream's REAL LIFE Sister. It was so funny, fun, and crazy! POG CHAMP!!!!! it reminds me of the time when I Spoke To Dream's Mom which was awesome and fun and POG CHAMP HAHAH
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is Dream and I starting a group! POG CHAMP!

  • Tommy and drista ship

    HodamaloliHodamaloliпреди 3 минути
  • Tommy mega simp

    mike van laarmike van laarпреди 3 минути
  • Guys I'm kinda scared right now. I was just going through one of my old sketchbooks and saw a drawing that looks similar to drista (how dream smp fans draw her)...... AND I DREW IT ON 15th of August !?!?!?!?!? so can I now predict the future or what..... O_o

    Assi. MAssi. Mпреди 6 минути
    • Like two months before this video came out O_o ?!?!?!?!?

      Assi. MAssi. Mпреди 5 минути
  • she's so funny

    NadeNadeпреди 20 минути

    GodlyGodlyпреди 30 минути
  • I know that drista commented here she is just chillin in comments while no one knows that she is r e a l drista

    Sakura .· * • ̊Sakura .· * • ̊преди 41 минута

    FF- DELTAFF- DELTAпреди час
  • Me When My mom says I need to talk to a relative on the phone: 2:54

    Cloaked MonkeyCloaked Monkeyпреди час
  • Well this is a really a good channel 🙏

    Ree KidRee Kidпреди час
  • Tommy simps for drista 🤣

    the entirety of the history of dinosaursthe entirety of the history of dinosaursпреди час
  • 10:02 that part IS SO FUNNY LMFAOOOOO

    Volmer MadsenVolmer Madsenпреди час
  • But tommy is recording this ish

    Beatriz HernandezBeatriz Hernandezпреди час
  • Lol bad boy halo in the background

    Fox ShadowFox Shadowпреди час
  • Drista big pog

    ProvidedSix496ProvidedSix496преди час
  • "Cook this"

    Your F.B.I AgentYour F.B.I Agentпреди час
  • ''why are you, where you going? clay?'' - speech by Drista By the way I thought the whole 'clay thingy was just a joke turns out it true. Edit: I wonder why his name is clay.

    IncShzeIncShzeпреди 2 часа
  • Tommy and drista fighting Bby: language :D

    xx.tokyo.x xxx.tokyo.x xпреди 2 часа
    • Bbh

      xx.tokyo.x xxx.tokyo.x xпреди 2 часа
  • She kind of sounds like a younger jaiden animations

    BrittyBrittyпреди 2 часа
  • No. Not dream Its drother. Drista's brother

    ElainElainпреди 2 часа
  • This would be the cutest couple ever

    Andrew ShochAndrew Shochпреди 2 часа
  • alternative title: several guys getting destroyed in a conversation with a 14-year-old kid

    Sir heXageniusSir heXageniusпреди 2 часа
  • Tommy and Drister sitting on a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G lolololololololol sorry

    Wayan MeruWayan Meruпреди 2 часа
  • i've watched this about 6 times by now

    Helena CunhaHelena Cunhaпреди 2 часа
  • Heyy

    It’s Rhe Beats!It’s Rhe Beats!преди 2 часа
  • We need a Drista channel

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  • What the f*ck

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  • lol i dont even know what to say Subscribe to tommyinint? yea that what i will said Subscribe to tommyinint and turn on notification

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  • umm yeah... I know dristas real name LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO KNOW HER NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 25:43 26:23 lol BBH just typing in the chat.

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  • We need more of her

    blobfish Stuffblobfish Stuffпреди 3 часа
  • sooo SIMP

    The BladeThe Bladeпреди 3 часа
  • i feel like Drista and Tommy should date lol

    Dominik DubnickiDominik Dubnickiпреди 4 часа
    • YES

      5000 subscribers with one video5000 subscribers with one videoпреди 3 часа
  • Guys DREAM'S name is CLAY

    HERIN JOHNHERIN JOHNпреди 4 часа
  • Is it just me or I heard dreams name 😳

    MTND StudiosMTND Studiosпреди 4 часа
  • 15:35 "So am I Dickhead" Lmaoooo I'm wheezing 😂😂 I hate these types of girls that always trigger you

    MTND StudiosMTND Studiosпреди 4 часа
  • Nah tommy, Dream is better than Drista.

    MTND StudiosMTND Studiosпреди 4 часа
  • She is a B I T C H

    Viln_ exoticViln_ exoticпреди 4 часа
  • Is tommy a simp hmmmm

    F o x yF o x yпреди 4 часа
    • Yes

      5000 subscribers with one video5000 subscribers with one videoпреди 3 часа
  • This was cringe

    Liam McGowanLiam McGowanпреди 4 часа
  • minecraft salt be real, i fucking hate people that act like brats

    PyroPyroпреди 4 часа
  • U use dream for views u suck man

    AwesomefoxgamingAwesomefoxgamingпреди 4 часа
  • Drista just called Dream as "Clay"

    Leonel PeñaLeonel Peñaпреди 4 часа
  • bgworld.info/section/video/vayxpcibmpVr0Xs.html

    Sunay NairSunay Nairпреди 4 часа
    • watch

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  • Next is i spoke to dreams dad

    BreadoggoBreadoggoпреди 4 часа
  • maybe you like her rsister LOL

    Not_dedNot_dedпреди 4 часа
  • 4:50 it feel like a pro

    Padma JainPadma Jainпреди 4 часа
  • they sound in love

    Saniya FSaniya Fпреди 4 часа
  • Holy shit, dreams voice dropped when he walked away from the mic

    Struggling-To-PaintStruggling-To-Paintпреди 4 часа
  • I like your British accesnt

    sarah Kuosarah Kuoпреди 4 часа
    • Accent

      sarah Kuosarah Kuoпреди 4 часа
  • Hi am a big fan omg I love Your videos

    Caroline KamfarCaroline Kamfarпреди 5 часа
  • *this could have been the chance for Tommy to get his disc*

    Reynaldo GarzaReynaldo Garzaпреди 5 часа
  • Dreams real name is clay?

    Luke SestonLuke Sestonпреди 5 часа
  • Tommy, after this vid, can you speak to my mom😂?

    UVR4YSUVR4YSпреди 5 часа
  • Whats id this server i vant to see how plays pros

    Danijel BognarDanijel Bognarпреди 5 часа
  • I have to say this is probably the funniest video on Tommy's whole channel lmao

    Vivimon The QueenVivimon The Queenпреди 5 часа
  • too shay lmfao

    sliim17sliim17преди 5 часа
  • Is he slap her real😔😔😔

    Zoga GamingZoga Gamingпреди 5 часа
  • Too be honest thats a crazy girl dude

    Doughnut touch my channelDoughnut touch my channelпреди 5 часа
  • You call dream big d because it’s big dick

    Aryaveer SinghAryaveer Singhпреди 5 часа
  • my sister joined me and my friend's discord so we told her to get to f out

    Ruukii iRuukii iпреди 5 часа
  • Me when Tommy says "what do u do": .-. start simping Jk dream is my favorite yt

    Alexander DimasAlexander Dimasпреди 5 часа
  • I'll do anything for you to speak to Drista again🤭🥺

    oOXPired FnoOXPired Fnпреди 5 часа
  • Tommy basically spoke to dream's family

    dashy bishydashy bishyпреди 5 часа
  • this is a masterpiece

    KittycatheadKittycatheadпреди 5 часа
  • 0:41 what about girls?

    Mage BlasterMage Blasterпреди 5 часа
  • The simps gonna simp Drista

    Ordinary GamerOrdinary Gamerпреди 5 часа
  • Sorry I dontmlike how you act

    Gumbino & Fallen AngelGumbino & Fallen Angelпреди 5 часа
  • Tommy Can You Be My Friend Please!

    Gacha Me Gacha MeGacha Me Gacha Meпреди 6 часа
  • Before watching this I just wanna say I bet you pulled her

    Cats 3Cats 3преди 6 часа
  • Dream sister sounds like 24 to me

    Jake playsJake playsпреди 6 часа
  • Drista: Tommy, Tommy TommyInnit: What? Drista: You wanna see a trick? Drista: Ill do an MLG water *Falls* *Takes Damage* *Puts water* Tommy: *Dies of silent (Hard) Laughter* 16:15

    Maria Liza Tima-anMaria Liza Tima-anпреди 6 часа
  • hey

    Thiago Rodriguez VerasThiago Rodriguez Verasпреди 6 часа
  • PLEASE bring her back. She was hilarious

    DukeDukeпреди 6 часа
  • Dream why you do that it's just your brother

    Kevin RamosKevin Ramosпреди 6 часа
  • Tom geuss what Swat: FBI OPE N UUPPPPPPPPPPPP

  • Okay but why did dreams voice drop like that-

    Anne Larsdonk, vanAnne Larsdonk, vanпреди 6 часа
  • My lord i didn't even know that Drista was 14- i'm the same age as her- OMGGGG

    Anne Larsdonk, vanAnne Larsdonk, vanпреди 6 часа
  • Stop talking shit ok

  • badboyhalo said in the no pussies around sign he said language in chat

    ree ytree ytпреди 6 часа
  • I love how they constantly forget that Tommy is also a minor

    Markhyuck SunflowersMarkhyuck Sunflowersпреди 6 часа

    jacob sampoljacob sampolпреди 6 часа
  • tommy casually streaming then after : OH MY DREAMS SISTER HOLYYYYYY its just a sister lel

    eqwizineqwizinпреди 7 часа
  • Wait he has a sister

    Golldy SnitchGolldy Snitchпреди 7 часа
  • What did she say better than technoblade He failed to kill techno And dream beat him 4 times

    Rijpai G8mingRijpai G8mingпреди 7 часа
  • I ship them

    Adrian DalirianAdrian Dalirianпреди 7 часа
  • *Have you gone puberty* Wtf lol

    just a blinkjust a blinkпреди 7 часа
  • Children settle down, by god

    just6070 just6070just6070 just6070преди 7 часа
  • Tommy What do you call a trolled panda Bamboozled

    It was ur wish its Cool shitIt was ur wish its Cool shitпреди 7 часа
  • You know dream real name is clay

    BSxLuciferBSxLuciferпреди 8 часа
  • I join your server but you kicked me name in minecraft is dream_galaxy or alexis gamer or alexis gaming or just no name and invincible skin

    Alexis AutidaAlexis Autidaпреди 8 часа
  • Drista is real search up what is dream's sister's name

    Oluwatobiloba BamisheOluwatobiloba Bamisheпреди 8 часа
  • Dream sounded like a 40 year old man with a wife and 3 kids

    CallMeTricksCallMeTricksпреди 8 часа
  • What is Tommy simping for dreams sister

    ??????преди 8 часа
  • Dream's 21 and Drista is 14 MINOR ABUSE

    Ugly Charlie damelioUgly Charlie damelioпреди 8 часа
  • 12:50 Dream's real name

    AppleLaudaAppleLaudaпреди 8 часа
  • ar yuo 6,1 ha

    mj jovian Delayremj jovian Delayreпреди 8 часа
  • omg awesome :D

    NightKnightNightKnightпреди 9 часа
  • Why is tommy building the tower? He can just lava cast it?

    Jocelyn LaurdenJocelyn Laurdenпреди 9 часа
  • Why is tommy building the tower? He can just lava cast it?

    Jocelyn LaurdenJocelyn Laurdenпреди 9 часа
  • Now we need Dreams father

    Blue HollandBlue Hollandпреди 9 часа