KSI - Really Love (feat. Craig David & Digital Farm Animals) [Official Music Video]

23.10.2020 г.
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Craig David:
Is it really love, is it all in my mind
Is it crazy I think of you all of the time, baby
Is it really love, can you give me a sign
Cause I’m losin’ my head tryna make you mine

Is it really love, is it all in my mind
Is it crazy I think of you all of the time, baby
Is it really love, can you give me a sign
Cause I’m losin’ my head tryna make you mine

Gotta lotta time for the one that I’m watchin’
Amazon Prime if you wanna get something
No valentine but my heart beat pumpin’ (pumpin’, pumpin’)
Now the room poppin
Got plenty views if you hang around me
So many hearts if you see the IG
Stung many times by the people that I rate
that my record look great like Mohammed Ali
I’m tryna go, I’m tryna get wavy
On holiday I’m wanting this daily
Man’s bait when he’s wearing that paisley
Still great coz my living now pays me
Don’t cook but my chef like Ainsley
No look ting when i'm shooting my babies
Top striker, I’m hardly missing
New car so we need to christen, listen..

Craig David:
Is it really love, is it all in my mind
Is it crazy I think of you all of the time, baby
Is it really love, can you give me a sign
Cause I’m losin’ my head tryna make you mine

Is it really love, is it all in my mind
Is it crazy I think of you all of the time, baby
Is it really love, can you give me a sign
Cause I’m losin’ my head tryna make you mine, ohhh

Obsessed with the fitness
That booty got me movin’ with the stiffness
Prayin’ that I finally get to hit this (Craig David: Tryna make you mine, ohh)
Wreckin’ my balls, Miley
Makin’ a storm, Kylie
Showing the fans I’m the only
Then clockin the wrist with the timing
Doin’ it bless, doin’ it easy
Doin’ it best, doin’ it genie
I got the juice and I’ll give you the world
Granting' your wishes and doing it well
Let me know when you get freaky
Wanna see E.T,
Give you my number to bell
I got so many to choose
Which one you want
Cause I’m smitten and under your spell

Craig David:
Tryna hold it down but enough's enough
I ain’t really used to this thing called love
But I ain’t afraid to admit I’m feeling so vulnerable
So whatever you decide, let me know what’s the vibe
Cause I’m losin’ my head tryna make you mine, oh

Craig David:
Is it really love, is it all in my mind
Is it crazy I think of you all of the time, baby
Is it really love, can you give me a sign
Cause I’m losin’ my head tryna make you mine

Is it really love, is it all in my mind
Is it crazy I think of you all of the time, baby
Is it really love, can you give me a sign
Cause I’m losin’ my head tryna make you mine, ohhh

Directed By Troy Roscoe - :instagram.com/troyroscoe/

Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com

RBC Records - rbcrecords.com/

BMG - www.bmg.com/us/
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  • i don't usually like rap because it just sounds like auto-tuned talking that makes them sound extremely daft and makes them seem like they are just trying to be cool but just end up looking stupid, but in this song, KSI is using barely any autotune, he doesn't seem to be showing off at all the lyrics are funny and it has the perfect singing to rap ratio. i really like this song. also, the sort of rappers who use barrel-loads of autotune usually make the rap about how amazing they are, how much money they have, all the women they have shrex with, whereas this is about someone other than himself. he also looks like he is genuinely having fun and not trying to half-ass his music to make a quick buck like some other rappers. keep it up KSI.

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