LEGENDARY PSYOPS SONA SKIN! (and a lesson on handling being camped) - League of Legends

6.09.2020 г.
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Playing as Psyops Sona in High ELO - However we have a lesson on handling being perma camped!
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  • this ashe is disgusting and yet she started to flame you with stupid chat pings about your ult and flash. even if it was a rouh game, and i know how it feels like as main supp, dont let others demotivate you! keep up your good support work, we all have bad game tho. i really love your uploads and playstyle!

    Dei GratiaDei Gratiaпреди 5 часа
  • hi

    J VJ Vпреди 24 дни
  • getting baited by a ward over and over again.. who are you supporting ? :D

    0nowztar0nowztarпреди месец
  • what a bigot ashe, why do people find a need to ping stuff, did you not realize there's a malph and a hec on the other team ?? yeah probably not, she's busy using her own ult and making sure it flies off the map instead of actually stunning an enemy zzzzz

    dan josephdan josephпреди месец
  • guys i have a question, why ppl blame me 50% aprox of games cause im playing seraphine? im low gold, why ppl dont stop 1 min to think about? im mad cause ive so so blamed so much games, and im tilted, i know my handicap and how to do with sona, but they dont know it u__u

    MADNESHMADNESHпреди месец
  • Kudos to you for that self control. I have a hard time muting bc I'm curious about what they'll say. But it never turns out for the better.

    Karina BKarina Bпреди месец
  • Why is it so hard for terrible ADCs to realize that there are 4 other roles in this game for them to play?

    Edwin VEdwin Vпреди месец
  • Thanks for the content.

    Ed FrameEd Frameпреди месец
  • role model bizzleberry ^_^ i’m glad you won! i hope you’re future games aren’t as stressful : )

    halle uwuhalle uwuпреди месец
  • 11:10 I love how he left that stupid Ashe die lmao

    TokageTokageпреди месец
  • always a pleasure to watch your videos and learn from them! You're pretty chill and I appreciated how you handled the flame from Ashe as well as the game overall. Keep it up :)

    Lexi TaoLexi Taoпреди месец
  • I personally feel that you handled it very well, you did not insult her it was criticism, I agree that a lot of people would have been a lot meaner. You were a lovely example of why people need to relax more in general keep up the great work.

    JuminJuminпреди месец
  • The ashe killed me with how freakn passive she is like how can some1 be this afk in lane when she has the range

    this and thatthis and thatпреди месец
    • @Kiwi yea but after lane I barely remember her teamfighting

      LeCroquemboucheLeCroquemboucheпреди месец
    • Janna Jhin is extremely oppressive early. All she could do is volley without risk of a terrible trade or even death. Any trade in that lane is a trade lost. Jhin excels at short trades if he initiates or is on a proper bullet count but loses hard to being poked or all-inned.

      KiwiKiwiпреди месец
  • Idk how the Ashe has the audacity to ping your ult at the 18min fight when she literally missed hers lol

    Jairo SoJairo Soпреди месец
    • And it was such bad aim, too. I screamed "HOW DO YOU MISS THAT ULT!?" when I saw that. Yikes.

      Edwin VEdwin Vпреди месец
  • I died so much too when I play sona hahaha hard to play safe

    Tle worayuthTle worayuthпреди месец
  • Adcs like that. Play like shit but point out each one of the support's mistakes. I know when I'm having a bad game and make mistakes. It doesn't tilt me but annoys me. Now add an adc who pings me every time THEY die or play like shit and I'm mega tilted.

    Hao LanHao Lanпреди месец
  • 28:31 nice save man

    Nick BonomoNick Bonomoпреди месец
  • What exactly is the counterplay against hecarim? Not be in lane?

    TumaschTumaschпреди месец
    • Tumasch No, but he fears you away from him, so he can dash with his ult placing the fear behind you, yet if you’re under tower he should be taking tower shots to do so.

      Nick BonomoNick Bonomoпреди месец
    • @Nick Bonomo The fear works only if he gets you, *khm* from behind? Didn't know that, thanks!

      TumaschTumaschпреди месец
    • Ward further up the river so you can see him coming, then try to get to your tower. Hecarim is almost useless if he can’t come behind you, so the goal is to know when he’s coming.

      Nick BonomoNick Bonomoпреди месец
  • Ashe: Leaves you to die to jg 3 times in lane bc she can't do anything Sona: Leaves Ashe to die for that exact same reason Ashe: Pikachu face

    Jamarii RobinsonJamarii Robinsonпреди месец
  • 20:12 just wondering but, is bizzle aware of this 'frame drops!?' happening? it's been going on since here started to record the video instead of taking the twich vods.

    Marcos V. A. MoreiraMarcos V. A. Moreiraпреди месец
    • Yea he is. He said he had to get a new capture card eventually and would not recommend the one he has. No idea when he'll get another capture card though.

      mundiemundieпреди месец
    • Oh, I thought that was just my phone lagging lol 😂

      Michelle Nicklasson RosenqvistMichelle Nicklasson Rosenqvistпреди месец
  • Lol, how can someone say you were flaming?? You kept your cool totally!

    Zuzanna SzmidelZuzanna Szmidelпреди месец
    • It's league, you could do nothing but compliment your teammates and be called toxic as fuck.

      KiwiKiwiпреди месец
  • 19:34 dude he left you the last hit on the pink! I'm so used to teammates waiting to swipe them from me. What a nice guy :)

    Key ManKey Manпреди месец
    • @Nicholas Chambers it's the little things :)

      Key ManKey Manпреди месец
    • Today I helped a jg take scuttle and they gave me the kill. Soooooo happy.

      Nicholas ChambersNicholas Chambersпреди месец
    • I even had an adc wait until I did the second to last auto so they could take it, but I just went to ward instead. But they were so paranoid that I'd get the pink that they waited WHILE the enemy jg showed up to kill us. They weren't moving or attacking so the jg went straight for me. I died, they didn't even get the control ward xD

      Key ManKey Manпреди месец
  • What's the most "safe" first pick support ?

    KetadineKetadineпреди месец
    • Yuumi.

      KiwiKiwiпреди месец
    • Blitz is really easy to counter with tank or hard engage and Bizzle has said a few times that you should know what you're up against before choosing Blitz. He's said Nami is one of the safest supports for laning phase. She's overall pretty good for healing, cc, and engage/disengage

      Kristin L.Kristin L.преди месец
  • They must have realised it was Bizzleberry, that's why they all focused on him. Glad to see even Pro's have games where it is out of their control!

    ZakkartZakkartпреди месец
  • You are awesome Bizzle, an island of calm and good in a sea of league

    WispWispпреди месец
  • i only saw hi/hello youtube so.. Hi, twich guys

  • you know you can buy stopwatch right?

    UWU UWUUWU UWUпреди месец
    • @TheJarJarExp 21 ?

      UWU UWUUWU UWUпреди месец
    • You mean the thing he brings up multiple times throughout the video? Yeah, I’m sure he’s completely unaware and was just dying for you to comment this.

      TheJarJarExp 21TheJarJarExp 21преди месец
  • After her nerfs I love running Prec secondary, I've never seen anyone run Guardian as a secondary on her. Very interesting.

    Hylias LoveHylias Loveпреди месец
    • Depend on the lane matchup but shield bash provides a bit more poke, or bone plating to survive more. And revitalise is great too.

      Matt KnudsenMatt Knudsenпреди месец
  • Bizzle! You played very well. Honestly, yeah you died alot but it seems like you were being focused quite a bit .. man, if I was in your position my motivation to play would have just sunk.. but you stuck it through. Good job man!!

    eaTaigaeaTaigaпреди месец
  • I award you a big Tilt-Proof flower-thing for that game.

    D PetersD Petersпреди месец
  • You CANT play this skin without dark harvest. MAN What the fuck is AERY

    Tommaso GuidiTommaso Guidiпреди месец
  • The enemy team really hates you this game, especially malph and heca 😂

    Meia KirumiMeia Kirumiпреди месец
  • Hate when you die but it is ok, but when a teammate dies it is your fault 🙄😒 #SupportPlayersHaveFeelings

    ClDnMndsClDnMndsпреди месец
  • I definitely want a guide on how to stay chill and mindful bizzle. You've got some wisdom to share on how to not flame when you're playing with delusional people.

    BearborneBearborneпреди месец
  • That Sona skin is awesome and definetely waifu material

    xandy -guyxandy -guyпреди месец
    • It’s a very lose parody of Dead man wonderland

      kaden seemannkaden seemannпреди месец
    • n o a r m s

      wasibiwasibiпреди месец

    Peyton MillerPeyton Millerпреди месец
  • 18:00 Wish Bizzle would mute people more often. Idk if it is just EU or league in general, but always someone so toxic in chat

    Nick SlayterNick Slayterпреди месец
  • 24:42 this is why I like you. The untiltable rock.

    Joe PartlettJoe Partlettпреди месец
  • Hi Bizzle you are my favorite league youtuber :) Please keep making videos

    PimpCatPimpCatпреди месец
    • Same

      ZakkartZakkartпреди месец
  • I'm wondering, glacial ahri full points on E is viable for support, could u try it ?

    JanyoJanyoпреди месец
    • It’s not really worth it for the tiny amount of extra cc you get I would put more points in e for laning phase but after that I would build damage like lux or w max morgana

      tayla maginctayla magincпреди месец
  • Why the hell is her model so tiny ? She is even smaller than Ashe.

    • They need or have to fix it!

      Mus SimMus Simпреди месец
  • That heca was surely ghosting ur stream

    JanyoJanyoпреди месец
  • Sona: "Stop calling me a caster minion!" Also Sona: 8:48

    Hugo SantosHugo Santosпреди месец
  • 11:32 i live for bizzle putting toxic people in their place

    tulliotullioпреди месец
  • Skin is fire

    ClDnMndsClDnMndsпреди месец
  • Rip 🙏 ADAGIO summoner

    ClDnMndsClDnMndsпреди месец
  • Hey, Bizzle. I was the one who called the Ashe a monkey towards the end, and I’m sorry, that was unnecessary . I main Sona, and it’s just frustrating to see that she seemed to blame you for everything, Even in situations where you could do very little.

    Arian CarlsenArian Carlsenпреди месец
    • That Ashe deserved worse. I'm still convinced bad ADCs are the worst kind of bad player in this game, just because of situations like that. At that point the game is just a science experiment on the capacity for stupidity in one individual, and that's no fun for anyone. Thank god for Ivern and Bard, cuz if it wasn't for them, bad ADCs would have chased me away from playing support champions, and the game in general.

      Edwin VEdwin Vпреди месец
    • It is really nice to see how thoughtfull everyone is in this "community" =).

      PyjaladinPyjaladinпреди месец
    • Same cycle of complaints of why didnt you ult or shield or anything and if you did dish it all out they'll just say you're useless when it fact they did not consider all the other factors that contributes to their death or loss. Just mute and tune it out.

      CallmeKCallmeKпреди месец
  • absolutely love the new voice lines on all her skins.

    Jasjaap DuaJasjaap Duaпреди месец
  • omgg i got that skin yesterday~ shes soo pretty :3

    lilylilyпреди месец
  • Epic skin. They gave her more persona and depth. ;) Also with the new vanilla Sona voicelines. Good times to play sona. =)

    MessicanoMessicanoпреди месец
    • Messicano love how she moves her arms when she uses her songs. Love it. She is badass

      Amanda FieldAmanda Fieldпреди месец