reacting to celebrity mansions

7.04.2020 г.
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rating houses we can't afford
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  • Shut your fucking mouth it's because your cheap

    Gavin CampbellGavin Campbellпреди 4 часа
  • These people got scammed their paying 88 million for a singular curved wall, there's a house for sale just up the road from me for 280,000 where the entire building is a curved wall

    tallest of the talltallest of the tallпреди 8 часа
  • Mia is so gorgeous xx her smile is just stunning X

    Caitlan WaltonCaitlan Waltonпреди 3 дни
  • The hole video is just he and his gf bullying usa lol

  • Nah mate😂Don't troll Zedd he's an OG dance music producer. Still love ur vid's

    Prayag DasPrayag Dasпреди 11 дни
  • You could do a pub crawl in house 1

    Caitlin MckennaCaitlin Mckennaпреди 13 дни
  • She’s a keeper, I can tell

    Mat SMat Sпреди 18 дни
  • zedd used to make banging tunes as well :((

    dario fkvdario fkvпреди 18 дни
    • Fucking Clarity was a 10/10

      TornicaneTornicaneпреди 17 дни
  • React to Brendon uries house

    Megan LawtonMegan Lawtonпреди 23 дни
  • At least his trees alive this time. Unfortunately it is dying. And I think he meant fortunately not unfortunately

    ScrumpieScrumpieпреди месец
  • I'd buy 75 mil house destroy funicular and beach house then use the land around the house as a british army training grouns

    ScrumpieScrumpieпреди месец
  • Others flexing their $5k gaming setups: $88M Mansion:

    IlluxIlluxпреди месец
  • the bedroom of the first house is bigger than my entire house

    Bryn AndersonBryn Andersonпреди месец
  • “Who’s been a naughty boy?” I’m wheezing

    KKпреди месец
  • Well I mean.. I- I live in a 500K dollar home s- so.. that's something.. _How are people so rich?_

    Yukiteru AmanoYukiteru Amanoпреди месец
  • Lake Tahoe is in California and part of it is in nevada it’s like 7-9 hours from LA

    BCFilmsBCFilmsпреди месец
  • Me ken on minecraft smashes anyones ed in an ill two foot d nan

    Scouse FellaScouse Fellaпреди месец
  • Real title will talks over Mia for ten mins

    ZackZackпреди месец
  • The reason the trees are so special is because most of these people are from California

    Noelle MasonNoelle Masonпреди 2 месеца
  • 1:48

    ReintroducementMusicReintroducementMusicпреди 2 месеца
  • The first mansion is still for sale in los angeles

    Smitha AjuSmitha Ajuпреди 2 месеца
  • the bedroom has ballistic doors but has windows and a balcony

    KaliKaliпреди 2 месеца
  • These houses remind me of when I used to cheat on sims and would lowkey just make rooms for everything. My dogs, they have a room. My kitchen, has a kitchen. My kid, as a room for just their toys.

    Temia RVWTemia RVWпреди 2 месеца
  • Mia is fucking delightful

    ah_salamaah_salamaпреди 2 месеца
  • Haven’t watched willne in so long but his content is so dry and he’s just not funny, I guess his girlfriend acts as a yes man

    D1watchD1watchпреди 2 месеца
  • 🥺

    RakshithhhRakshithhhпреди 2 месеца
  • Tahoe, must be in Ohio or something

    I ATE YOUTUBEI ATE YOUTUBEпреди 3 месеца
  • “Round edges...ROUND. EDGES.”

    L OL Oпреди 3 месеца
  • n o r d v p n s m e l l s

    lyiriyahlyiriyahпреди 3 месеца
  • I’ve seen loads of doors do that. Yeah in like a tescos.

    ThisBakedThisBakedпреди 3 месеца
  • "I just don't get why you need that much house" Exactly, I mean imagine having haunted parts of the house because they're not inhibited..

    Asma aAsma aпреди 3 месеца
  • "Architectural wall" is as redundant as saying "colourful paint"

    Based GodBased Godпреди 3 месеца
  • Hi

    dancer lilydancer lilyпреди 3 месеца
  • 9:27

    Lia AfonsoLia Afonsoпреди 3 месеца
  • Lake Tahoe is in California

    those guysthose guysпреди 3 месеца
  • Btw will I thought I’d let you that Lake Tahoe isn’t in Ohio it’s actually one of the most expensive areas in California

    Jude HoweryJude Howeryпреди 3 месеца
  • Custom Italian doors

    myowmyowпреди 3 месеца
  • the first one looks like a hotel...

    SmileyAnimationsSmileyAnimationsпреди 3 месеца
  • Also imagine you have a perfect lake In front of you and you have no option to swim in it

    JaylowLPJaylowLPпреди 3 месеца
  • if you have 88mill you have done some crimes- pretty sure

    JaylowLPJaylowLPпреди 3 месеца
  • Since when were trees the centerpieces of every mansion and no matter how new the house and the tree is it finds a way to die

    Melon MasterMelon Masterпреди 3 месеца
  • Whys mia dressed like she’s going to a funeral

    Gil McleanGil Mcleanпреди 3 месеца
  • Will: at least this tree is alive House tosser: unfortunately it is dying. Me: oh for god sake

    Jack LaybourneJack Laybourneпреди 3 месеца
  • 1). Mia is so freakin cute omfg. 2). If i lived in any of these houses I’d be paranoid af that someone would be hiding somewhere in the house without my knowledge

    Britt BirdBritt Birdпреди 3 месеца
    • Fair enough😂😂

      Joseph FisherJoseph Fisherпреди 3 месеца
    • Joseph Fisher I’m a simp for all women my guy

      Britt BirdBritt Birdпреди 3 месеца
    • Simp

      Joseph FisherJoseph Fisherпреди 3 месеца
  • Zedd looks like ali a

    TH_ApolloTH_Apolloпреди 3 месеца
  • "Special Jacaranda tree" I can walk outside and find at least 20 on my block

    P_e_d_r_e H_a_m_m_a_nP_e_d_r_e H_a_m_m_a_nпреди 3 месеца
  • What happened to WillNE when did he become S2W?😂😂 how long have I been grown up for

    N TN Tпреди 3 месеца
    • It's the second channel that was called sub 2 willne

      Oddjob PlayzPS4Oddjob PlayzPS4преди 3 месеца
  • Hide and seek would be class in them.

    RyanRyanпреди 3 месеца
  • the jacaranda tree ain’t special theirs a street of em where i live

    Will ConsidineWill Considineпреди 3 месеца
  • Jacaranda tree and rare do not belong in the same sentence

    Jimbobbery JeffersonJimbobbery Jeffersonпреди 3 месеца
  • Special Jacaranda tree Me who lives in Australia and have jacaranda trees literally everywhere

    Tommy BechTommy Bechпреди 3 месеца
  • Will, what you got against Ohio? I'm not saying it's good but what it do to you

    Kai CaponeKai Caponeпреди 3 месеца
  • The first house looks like Iron mans house

    KyleKyleпреди 4 месеца
  • Mia is so gorgeous

    SeäSeäпреди 4 месеца
    • Simp

      Oddjob PlayzPS4Oddjob PlayzPS4преди 3 месеца
  • Can’t get over the bloody trees man😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Shahad AShahad Aпреди 4 месеца
  • The guy at the start looks like he isn’t allowed near schools Edit: the second guy looks like he shouldn’t be around schools either

    Josh HutchesonJosh Hutchesonпреди 4 месеца
  • My uncle had a tram going down to his (old) house

    The Big DilfThe Big Dilfпреди 4 месеца
  • Fuckin love willne 😂😂😂

    B2B GamerB2B Gamerпреди 4 месеца
  • Charlie MannCharlie Mannпреди 4 месеца
  • O,g is that really a rich white guy using the words yes master?

    Cindygr8ceCindygr8ceпреди 4 месеца
  • What’s the point of a bullet proof door when they entire outside of the bedroom is made of glass?

    Carina MastersCarina Mastersпреди 4 месеца
    • Bullet proof glass?

      George AldersonGeorge Aldersonпреди 4 месеца
  • Thought the thumbnail was Ali a

    Hartgill YtHartgill Ytпреди 4 месеца
  • “Have you ever shagged in a funicular”

    AftnAftnпреди 4 месеца
  • you lot dont put ur water in the freezer?

    yoongis phat assyoongis phat assпреди 4 месеца
    • Only to make ice cubes

      George AldersonGeorge Aldersonпреди 4 месеца
  • The white marbel is from italia

    Gizmo AllwinGizmo Allwinпреди 4 месеца
  • Love how they make fun of Ohio because if the Paul's but its actual kinda of a nice place fr

    Donavan MurrayDonavan Murrayпреди 4 месеца
  • Are Will and Mia dating? or am I just delirious?

    Lily KasprowiczLily Kasprowiczпреди 4 месеца
  • Im deadass gonna build my own rendition of the $88m one in minecraft I will be taking intense creative liberties tho bc its in minecraft

    Crosby The WolfCrosby The Wolfпреди 4 месеца
  • ur girl-friend is hot

    DaclarveinDaclarveinпреди 4 месеца
  • Lake Tahoe is California/Nevada

    Roblox baller gamingRoblox baller gamingпреди 4 месеца
  • having been to lake tahoe i can safely say they have pretty good pine cones yes

    mannimanniпреди 4 месеца
  • Anyone else get a stevo vibe from the first guy

    Tylerbryce_Tylerbryce_преди 4 месеца
  • When they review a house that your dad built I-

    Ella StotzkyElla Stotzkyпреди 4 месеца
  • 7:04 is terrifying yet hilarious at the same time

    Lauren HetheringtonLauren Hetheringtonпреди 4 месеца
  • cant wait for the landslide that will destroy most of these houses.

    Mystic X ɔᴉʇsʎWMystic X ɔᴉʇsʎWпреди 4 месеца
  • "7bars?!?!? thats like 2 on every floor" math 100

    Vennechi DonatiVennechi Donatiпреди 4 месеца
    • More bars than a Mozart symphony!

      George AldersonGeorge Aldersonпреди 4 месеца
  • While your beating your shit in the theater room and someone comes in, NO WORRIES, the lights turn on so they can see you and you can see them. Eye to eye.

    Toky0Toky0преди 4 месеца
  • Yc5 for tooth protection 85fd6 and the food is the best

    Luke RobsonLuke Robsonпреди 4 месеца
  • You’d want to be a billionaire for this, the running cost would be ridiculous

    Tristan CookTristan Cookпреди 4 месеца
  • round edges?! wtf hahah

    JephsonJephsonпреди 4 месеца
  • They have that ballistic door but massive windows like what? If they really want to get at you then they can break the glass

    Cian MurrayCian Murrayпреди 4 месеца
  • "Sacred specimen. This is a jacaranda tree" Me a South African who sees them all the fucking time "ah yes, sacred "

    Adriada VersaileAdriada Versaileпреди 4 месеца
  • "But its like ohio though" "Yeahhh" Me, from Ohio: 😢

    Tesia EmilyTesia Emilyпреди 4 месеца
  • we want more videos with mia

    Crazy PufferfishCrazy Pufferfishпреди 4 месеца
  • wait r u guys still together? there are rumors u broke up.

    Sophia BarenholtzSophia Barenholtzпреди 4 месеца
  • Insurance must me expensive

    Luke MortensenLuke Mortensenпреди 4 месеца

    Stone PeopleStone Peopleпреди 4 месеца
  • Isn’t that the house of cludo

    Sam OliverSam Oliverпреди 4 месеца
  • Wat you say about Ohio I swear I’ll children of the corn your ass if you don’t shut tf up about Ohio (only joking love the content)

    Rambling GamerRambling Gamerпреди 4 месеца
  • Honestly I feel like having a house that big with the ”cUsToM ItAliAn dOoRs” is pretty sad like what are you gonna do with that big of a house so I do agree with will

    Jden SPJden SPпреди 4 месеца
  • 1:07 2:24 3:39 4:06 6:20 7:20 8:33 9:42 10:00

    omelettouomelettouпреди 4 месеца
  • Why is his gf in a dress

    Damage mcDamage mcпреди 4 месеца
  • C U S T O M I T A L I A N D O O R S

    Team TulipTeam Tulipпреди 4 месеца
  • Stolen

    justin Hjustin Hпреди 4 месеца
  • Last guy looks like Ali a

    Stagg IndustriesStagg Industriesпреди 4 месеца
  • Seems to be that if I ever been come rich, I need to join the very elite Dead Trees Club or I'm not rich enough

    cola malfoycola malfoyпреди 4 месеца
  • it's kinda funny that Will thinks lake Tahoe, one of the most popular tourist areas in the West, is in Ohio 😂😂 its in California. Something kinda fun, I'm pretty sure I saw that house and it's neighbors when I was backpacking around the Tahoe. It was like 4 days in and I was extremely sweaty and tired and I saw those houses along the mountain side and thought "wow they're in the middle of fucking no where" and hoped they couldn't see me while I was pissing behind a tree. Lmao multi-million dollar home just to have an uninterrupted view of tired, sweaty backpackers doing gross shit

    GumfryGumfryпреди 4 месеца
  • Wow them some expensive houses, these kind of people who have $5 million dollar cars, helicopters, planes, 200 million$ boats and power to them because all that money still might not be happy, but i suppose more comfy😊🌞🌞🌞🌈

    Christopher McCarthyChristopher McCarthyпреди 4 месеца
  • 8:00 in case you’re worried about getting abraham lincoln’d

    NikkimiNikkimiпреди 4 месеца
  • 2:27 will turns into super mario toad for a split second

    NikkimiNikkimiпреди 4 месеца