reacting to james charles' new house tour

31.08.2020 г.
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will and mia review jimmy c's new pad x
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    S2WS2Wпреди 4 месеца
    • Why 68 😭

      Ishan KabirIshan Kabirпреди месец
    • We were this close to greatness

      DroptimisticDroptimisticпреди 3 месеца
    • M8 the light at 6:14 is about to hit his head

      MrbrodezLowkey _MrbrodezLowkey _преди 4 месеца
    • They guy who wants a coke seller ✌🏻

      MrbrodezLowkey _MrbrodezLowkey _преди 4 месеца
    • Yup the man himself

      MrbrodezLowkey _MrbrodezLowkey _преди 4 месеца
  • So no one talking about the fact james charles of all people can do a backflip?

    Rstreamz_ CodRstreamz_ Codпреди 2 дни
  • It’s mook bahng

    Ya JackYa Jackпреди 7 дни
  • His mirror is bigger than my house

    Shrek IsthebestShrek Isthebestпреди 8 дни
  • House in the video looks a bit like the house of a youtuber Rebecca Zamolo.

    k0lekok0lekoпреди 13 дни
  • do a house tour

    elijah robboelijah robboпреди 15 дни
  • ngl i thought she was geenelly

    chanelle smithchanelle smithпреди 16 дни
  • James has improved at his singing a lot

    Peanut_PeterPeanut_Peterпреди 17 дни
  • Is it just me who cant stand james charles ffs and his man bra 🥱

    Gary BuckhamGary Buckhamпреди 17 дни
  • i got a willne add on a willne video, will your so famous your own adds are on your own videos

    llolallllolallпреди 18 дни
    • i got it three times now thats class

      llolallllolallпреди 18 дни
  • did will say joja cat or am i dumb

    tarataraпреди 18 дни
  • can nordvpn and express vpn pls stop stalking me, thanks

    tarataraпреди 18 дни
  • 9:05... cheeky wee stoney... a rate it😉

    chris scottchris scottпреди 19 дни
  • Its diet coke or nothing. My veins are just diet coke.

    Amy BradleyAmy Bradleyпреди 19 дни
  • naaa bro cant have u dissing Jordan's like that

    Luke HLuke Hпреди 19 дни
  • 0:51 funny

    P2KU L2P2KU L2преди 21 ден
  • Bro I've got to be honest the only thing I was staring at was Mia. Sorry bro...

    68MP68MPпреди 23 дни
  • i just got an advert of will on his own video

    Carla AndradeCarla Andradeпреди 25 дни
  • God dammit, I dont know about James Charles but he has good housing taste. Very modern and clean.

    AV GamingAV Gamingпреди 26 дни
  • 5:02

    Betty SchwallocksBetty Schwallocksпреди месец
  • Nobody: Me: Ayo what bathroom does this dood use

    Maxwell ButlerMaxwell Butlerпреди месец
  • React to world's most expensive house.ANTILIA

    Khushal BagariaKhushal Bagariaпреди месец
  • His laundry room is bigger than my bedroom 😔🤚

    lexilexiпреди месец
  • Ages ago, Coca Cola had Coke in it (The drink was a Medicine), before it became a drink,then it stopped having Cocaine in it, that's why it's called coke

    UNITechnoUNITechnoпреди месец
  • James Charles is a nun coz he says "hi sisters"

    UNITechnoUNITechnoпреди месец

    l1tn1ng b0t 85l1tn1ng b0t 85преди месец
  • Very white

    Hector GreenbergHector Greenbergпреди месец
  • I love wills wilees

    henry10henry10преди месец
  • 17:11 *OWO*

    Callum WhitleyCallum Whitleyпреди месец
  • Sorry Will, I got 3:21 into it and had to give up. James is just too big a wang. See you next vid👍

    One3rdNinjaOne3rdNinjaпреди месец
  • 0:46 the kitchen looks luke jake pauls/team 10's old house kitchen

    sausaggge Rollvidssausaggge Rollvidsпреди месец
  • im being real here the first room with black tile wall is the same as my bathroom tiles😂😂😂

    JUST A GUYJUST A GUYпреди месец
  • Mock bongs

    X x Maxab623 x XX x Maxab623 x Xпреди 2 месеца
  • Literally will hating on James the entire time and Mia defending him🤣

    carrie selphcarrie selphпреди 2 месеца
  • that was honestly the most boring house I've ever seen in my life

    Melisa JungMelisa Jungпреди 2 месеца
  • Hey! There hasn't been a comment in 10 hours so i thought i would just tell you that you are loved and you will get through this :)

    Hayley comrieHayley comrieпреди 2 месеца
  • Not even a Steinway, it’s a Yamaha

    HudpowerHudpowerпреди 2 месеца
  • I swear James Charles is the most annoying person on the planet

    Nathan ArcherNathan Archerпреди 2 месеца
  • This dude hates Jordans the best branch of shoes ever made and he likes air maxes?

    1970 Roadrunner1970 Roadrunnerпреди 2 месеца
  • I woke up to this video where Tf am I

    Josh TJosh Tпреди 3 месеца
  • Will's wardrobe upsets me. I may have to unsubscribe

    Daisy ReidDaisy Reidпреди 3 месеца

    the unconscoius pigthe unconscoius pigпреди 3 месеца
  • Mukbang should actually be spelled as Meokbang and be pronounced as Mokbang.( O as in *o*reo )

    TheSkeletonThemeTheSkeletonThemeпреди 3 месеца
  • You should react to faze rugs house tour

    Mathew SMathew Sпреди 3 месеца
  • come on guys, get a pad in Chelsea ;)

    MissAtlantiqueMissAtlantiqueпреди 3 месеца
  • rich ppl.

    bellebelleпреди 3 месеца

    Designer DivisionDesigner Divisionпреди 3 месеца
  • Love the way dat in the sponsored bit he has to do a voiceover and say Mia instead of james

    The JammieThe Jammieпреди 3 месеца
  • Something fun to know is that that piano costs around 15,000 quid which is 0.27683704448771% of his £5,418,350 house

    Mihail CholakovMihail Cholakovпреди 3 месеца
  • mia's eyebrows...

    Bethany McCormickBethany McCormickпреди 3 месеца
  • Asking for a friend as no simp September is over, is mia single?

    Giant Ferris WheelGiant Ferris Wheelпреди 3 месеца
    • Nah will is just a random guy

      Keano 99Keano 99преди 3 месеца
  • the way james says it is a little closer to the korean than the way a lot of people say it

    물건물건преди 3 месеца
  • If the house comes with James Charles then I’m buying it

    DroptimisticDroptimisticпреди 3 месеца
  • Mia: *I feel like if you don't know who's in your house, it's too big* Well either that, or they haven't checked the closet in a while..

    Larry 18Larry 18преди 3 месеца
  • We'res part 2

    zxMaRveLzx 6zxMaRveLzx 6преди 3 месеца
  • Not will making fun of how James says mukbang correctly 💀💀

    Dramatic CactusDramatic Cactusпреди 3 месеца
  • That poor dog looks like it wants to die

    CherriesCherriesпреди 3 месеца
  • That intro tho

    Nathan RNathan Rпреди 4 месеца
  • he is actually so rude!

    Slurpy MarshmellowSlurpy Marshmellowпреди 4 месеца
    • LIL Melo someone’s mad 😘😘

      Psychopathic StarsPsychopathic Starsпреди 4 месеца
  • Who got this house the robers are steal this home for 1 sec

    doge23e dogedoge23e dogeпреди 4 месеца
  • She's long still

    Blix Flexy _Blix Flexy _преди 4 месеца
  • Hahah

    Mason HardyMason Hardyпреди 4 месеца
  • Will: "your teeth are going to fall out!" *tough talk for a british person*

    LemonspiderLemonspiderпреди 4 месеца
    • Alexis Monica ikr thanks

      LemonspiderLemonspiderпреди 3 месеца
    • Lemonspider haha so funny :/

      Alexis MonicaAlexis Monicaпреди 3 месеца
    • Alexis Monica its a joke

      LemonspiderLemonspiderпреди 3 месеца
    • Lemonspider you say that as if all british people’s teeth fall out

      Alexis MonicaAlexis Monicaпреди 3 месеца
    • Lemonspider British people don’t actually have bad teeth cause we have free dental care

      Psychopathic StarsPsychopathic Starsпреди 3 месеца
  • Acc do more vids with Mia

    Tao BkTao Bkпреди 4 месеца
    • Yesss

      T I L L Y 999T I L L Y 999преди 4 месеца
  • Lol

    leon lolleon lolпреди 4 месеца
  • James Charles is a young Kris Jenner

    Sophia Thomas-FletcherSophia Thomas-Fletcherпреди 4 месеца
    • Lmao

      T I L L Y 999T I L L Y 999преди 4 месеца
  • Did this man really say owo at 17:11

    David 6410David 6410преди 4 месеца
    • 😂

      T I L L Y 999T I L L Y 999преди 4 месеца
  • Damn! U think he plays piano? Nah.

    Socialist ComradeSocialist Comradeпреди 4 месеца
  • Nice can somebody bomb it would be funny

    FairyDirtFairyDirtпреди 4 месеца
  • Will should do a house tour

    Cripto DonCripto Donпреди 4 месеца
  • Come on will, you couldve had a STELLA CELLAR

    heather kingston 170heather kingston 170преди 4 месеца
  • I honestly wish That James Charles gets a family because that house is way too big for one person

    Va llVa llпреди 4 месеца
  • I hate that man

    Primark HoodiePrimark Hoodieпреди 4 месеца
  • This is kinda sus

    Mongoose OpsMongoose Opsпреди 4 месеца
  • my dads house looks like that oof. sucks that he cheated n i dont live wit him LMAOOOO

    sailor socialistsailor socialistпреди 4 месеца
  • I hate james charles with a passion greater than the brrrt of my machineguns but the house looks decent

    An Attack PlaneAn Attack Planeпреди 4 месеца
  • 먹방 is the hangul spelling of Mukbang (meokbang), with 먹 (meok) meaning food. And 방 (bang) like in 방송 (bangsong) or broadcast, means show. So it's literally "eating show". As for the pronunciation, meok is pronounced more like muok/mok, bang but with the a somewhere between an A and an O.

    CherryyoontopCherryyoontopпреди 4 месеца
  • Anyone else just looking at the dior j1's

    J2 RoyalJ2 Royalпреди 4 месеца
  • Why don't you upload on Ur main anymore

    ZRR2103ZRR2103преди 4 месеца
  • It looks like a place not a home

    THE y63THE y63преди 4 месеца
  • Oki

    North Wales PoliceNorth Wales Policeпреди 4 месеца
  • Okay okay it's alright too big for me, but HE HAS A FUCKING TRAMPOLINE??? I WANT THAT!!!

    kazuichi soudakazuichi soudaпреди 4 месеца
  • 5:04 Why

    kazuichi soudakazuichi soudaпреди 4 месеца
  • lol yall don’t have style and it shows

    Ellen PetersEllen Petersпреди 4 месеца
  • Wills punching

    MymanslippyMymanslippyпреди 4 месеца
  • Mia needs to take over Will's channel for a day and do a makeup tutorial, or do a commentary style video with just her

    The FBI Agent Behind ur ScreenThe FBI Agent Behind ur Screenпреди 4 месеца
  • James sounds like a child doing a showcase on his new power ranger toy.

    Elliot OgdenElliot Ogdenпреди 4 месеца
  • lmao this is the sponsorship will and james lost in the educating Yorkshire vid

    Ashley PersaudAshley Persaudпреди 4 месеца
  • This is the most passive aggressive video ever

    jeremy 694jeremy 694преди 4 месеца
  • James charles here, want some coke

    OhmnillOhmnillпреди 4 месеца
  • “Got some more personality down stairs” okay then mia

    Jay bJay bпреди 4 месеца
  • william lenny fucking upload

    raquishraquishпреди 4 месеца
  • am I the only one who feels like they've seen this before??????? is this a reupload??????????

    Alex BlicherAlex Blicherпреди 4 месеца
  • I would respect James so much more if he didn’t speak like puff

    Edd_Trek 0710Edd_Trek 0710преди 4 месеца
  • will is running out of content to make

    catsandbirdsarecutecatsandbirdsarecuteпреди 4 месеца
  • you guys are the perfect fit, cuz I'm crushing hard on you both. bruh, I'm blessed

    yeetyeetпреди 4 месеца
  • I’m happy for James he earned his money though all of his hard work and he deserves it so much

    HiHiпреди 4 месеца
  • “how tall is James Charles, 5’9 average height” George: am I a joke to u

    Ben HughesBen Hughesпреди 4 месеца
    • George is 5'2

      JahsehJahsehпреди 2 месеца
  • is james charles a boy or girl?

    Rayan_Rayan_преди 4 месеца
    • Boy i think

      Maria AlonsoMaria Alonsoпреди 4 месеца
  • Cry on his sucess

    Doctor ProctorDoctor Proctorпреди 4 месеца