Rich Jail vs Broke Jail/ 17 Funny Situations

30.04.2021 г.
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The Biggest Miser in the World/ 23 Funny Situations:
Even prisons have their own laws and conditions of stay. Watch in our new video funny situations in a rich and broke jail.
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  • If the guy was so rich why doesn't he pay so he can get out he did everything except for that

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  • Shut the verry open door so its not cold ja that maks sense

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  • I like how dis vid shows corruption if your rich

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  • Stop or else you will always get in real jail

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  • he's going too die from hunger

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  • Poor guy is the best

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  • That rich guy shuld have just used the money to get out of prison

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  • These moments would never happen in real life-🥺

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  • If he has all that money why dont he just bail himself out?

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  • He is Bro he have no money he got up he got a bad

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    • Yeah I don’tShe have any money you could do anything he wants

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  • At 7:42 That Does not look like Gold Cereal LOL

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  • It's still trending here in Philippines LOL

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