Sportswriter Rick Reilly: How Golf Explains President Trump

19.06.2019 г.
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For decades, a range of authors have tried to explain who Donald Trump is, what makes him tick, and, since he has become president, what drives his political decision-making. Legendary sportswriter Rick Reilly thinks one of the best ways to understand who the 45th president of the United States really is as a person is to study how he golfs, a sport Reilly reveres.
In his new book, Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump, Reilly takes readers on an on-the-ground and behind-the-scenes look at Trump's ethics deficit on and off the course. Reilly has been with Trump on the fairway, the green and in the weeds and has seen firsthand how the president plays-and it's not pretty. Based on his personal experiences and interviews with dozens of golf pros, amateurs, developers, partners, opponents and even caddies who have firsthand experience with Trump on the course, Reilly takes a deep and often hilarious look at how Trump shamelessly cheats at golf, lies about it, sues over it, bullies with it and profits off of it.
Reilly, in conversation with beloved Bay Area sportswriter Joan Ryan, will outline a new and amusing way to think about the current president, his administration and one of the country's most popular sports.

  • Trump's relationship with golf reminds me of Epstein's relationship with Harvard. Fake credentials.

    FJ HAYDNFJ HAYDNпреди 3 дни
  • Most in the world know what a horrific liar and manipulator he is.

    Katy TobyKaty Tobyпреди 13 дни
  • I Really enjoyed!! To think I wasn't even going to listen to this.... But I had dough on my fingers so let it run. Excellent xx

    karen harknesskaren harknessпреди 13 дни
    • Glad you enjoyed it!

      Commonwealth Club of CaliforniaCommonwealth Club of Californiaпреди 12 дни
  • Sorry, the lovely moderator should have stifled her own amusement - that laugh was intrusive.

    Madeleine PriceMadeleine Priceпреди 14 дни
  • What a charismatic chap

    Tony FlowTony Flowпреди 18 дни
  • Great interview. I’m not surprised to hear these stories because I’ve long believed he’s dishonest. Thank you for your candor.

    melissa gregorymelissa gregoryпреди 19 дни
  • Interesting stuff. Can't help wondering, mind, whether Rick was upfront with the Scots about some of the things he's written about, you know, fitba'. He could have been on the end of some fairly choice insults himself.

    Phil RamsdenPhil Ramsdenпреди 20 дни
  • It only reaffirms the belief everyone has who doesn’t worship the man: he’s despicable. Period. The end.

    Malcolm BlissMalcolm Blissпреди 20 дни
    • Or fake... Trump is just a horrible human being. Thank God hes out of the White House.

      Jaxon WrightJaxon Wrightпреди 19 дни
    • A man who openly and blatantly cheats at golf disrespects the game, but more importantly, is fooling himself. Everything about Trump is fraudulent and a lie.

      Peter DPeter Dпреди 19 дни
  • News reports indicate Trump may flew to Scotland!

    Ronald MorrisonRonald Morrisonпреди 20 дни
    • Thanks for the revelations about Trump.

      Ronald MorrisonRonald Morrisonпреди 20 дни
    • Donald may flee to Scotland!

      Ronald MorrisonRonald Morrisonпреди 20 дни
    • Donald may flew to Scotland!

      Ronald MorrisonRonald Morrisonпреди 20 дни
  • This interview is the true inner workings of our current grotesque president. This interview or any interview with Rick Reilly tells it all.

    Jerry ClasbyJerry Clasbyпреди 21 ден
  • I play each hole individually. Either it’s good or not.

    Thomas G. SteffensThomas G. Steffensпреди 21 ден
  • Great interview! Funny, revealing stories!

    Michele BenedossoMichele Benedossoпреди 21 ден
    • Thanks for listening!

      Commonwealth Club of CaliforniaCommonwealth Club of Californiaпреди 20 дни
  • shes crazy,,,,,,,,,,

    Mister TibbsMister Tibbsпреди 22 дни
  • Interesting watching this in 2021 getting ready to watch the Congress make fools of themselves while trying to overthrow democracy.

    Momszy CatMomszy Catпреди 22 дни
  • What a sad, sad man. Amazing that he became president. This video answers a lot of questions. Mr. Trump is not healthy.

    Robert BeachRobert Beachпреди 23 дни
  • Not in the least interested in golf, but I bought this book - and it's excellent. Recommend it to everyone.

    BadgersjBadgersjпреди 27 дни
  • Someone needs to covertly follow him, post presidency and film him cheating all the time. His followers, don't seem to notice his apocalyptic narcissism, but I bet they know what bad sportsmanship is.

    mugwump1234mugwump1234преди 27 дни
  • The real shame is that 71,000,000 Americans still voted to give our country to Trump after 20,000 lies, 400,000 dead Americans and 4 years.

    michael clennanmichael clennanпреди 28 дни
  • Excellent interview by Joan Ryan of Rick Reilly. 80 million voters figured out DJT's game (and its not golf). We'll see what the next four years brings

    John DeckerJohn Deckerпреди 29 дни
  • Moderator Iess laugh please

    Michael TuffinMichael Tuffinпреди 29 дни
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    Jean ClawsonJean Clawsonпреди месец
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    Dolores StoneDolores Stoneпреди месец
  • He looks like a young Jack Klugman.

    Jed BurnellJed Burnellпреди месец
  • Why does Trump like golf? It's the easiest game to cheat at.

    Ricks AmericanaRicks Americanaпреди месец
  • "orange balk bag" ... classic .

    clifton gaitherclifton gaitherпреди месец
  • Trump will continue to be more and more depraved as people continue to enable him. Trump has had ALOT of help becoming "Trump".

    Dolly MadisonDolly Madisonпреди месец
  • Rick is right! If you can't trust someone with the little things, it's foolish to trust one with the big things.

    Dolly MadisonDolly Madisonпреди месец
  • "everyone I know has a great Trump cheating story. And we didn't have one. We wanted our own story!".

    Indigo DesignIndigo Designпреди месец
  • 'Orange ballbag' hahahahahahahha nice scottish retort.

    bitchoflivingblahbitchoflivingblahпреди месец
  • "Super Mario Kart" lol

    Shaun McIsaacShaun McIsaacпреди месец
  • It matters, thanks.

    Keith CowenKeith Cowenпреди месец
  • Cheating at sport is oh so pathetic. What a low-life and an oxygen thief.

    Nathalie DufourNathalie Dufourпреди месец
  • Apparently there’s now an additional rule adopted by lots of golf clubs ......Trump Rule . You are disqualified instantly and removed from the course .

    blue moonblue moonпреди месец
  • One of the best interviews I’ve seen in a long time. A great conversation starter especially around the dinner table with the kids. It certainly explains a lot of the values I tried to instill in my kids.

    Margaret ConnellyMargaret Connellyпреди месец
  • "The caddies call Trump, Pele'." That's hilarious.

    DW PharesterDW Pharesterпреди месец
  • what's so funny about "the incident." :/

    Cathy GrumanCathy Grumanпреди месец
  • Absolutely superb interview!

    John ChardineJohn Chardineпреди месец
  • OMG, get a room. Annoying.

    Angie CoersAngie Coersпреди месец
  • When Trump won the 2016 election, he thought it was a lifetime appointment..

    LarkinchanceLarkinchanceпреди месец
  • President Goldfinger!

    LarkinchanceLarkinchanceпреди месец
  • The finicky climb periodically confuse because mechanic phenotypically interrupt through a high-pitched humor. shut, lacking decade

    D SamuelsD Samuelsпреди месец
  • so you wrote a book about trump and golf and you only played with him once. Im trying to figure out whose the bigger loser you or trump.

    Moe BoutariMoe Boutariпреди месец
  • I have never seen a golfer even professional over 70 with such an athletic swing the man is an athlete

    Gerry LanteigneGerry Lanteigneпреди месец
  • Huh! You made a mistake about the golf course in Scotland! Before Trump bought that land and he destroyed the only sand dunes of their kind on the beautiful coast of Scotland, by plowing them flat! He badggered and insulted his neighbors, who totally rejected his bullying behavior! He is an insult to humanity!

    Toni TouchberryToni Touchberryпреди месец
  • The “Pele of golf”!!😂😂😂😂. Dude has serious issues!!

    Big FanBig Fanпреди месец
  • I now respect golf

    robert tatumrobert tatumпреди месец
  • In case anyone wants to see the bad chipping in Ireland, it's here, and the comments section is pretty funny

    Dave WestnerDave Westnerпреди месец
  • What a shallow person, I'm calling him HOLLOW MAN from now on. LMAO

    Cilly LocoCilly Locoпреди месец
  • The biggest loser.

    Andrew PinkhamAndrew Pinkhamпреди месец
  • might do this might do that might might might. Mites on a chicked's ass ;)

    Lucy VampireLucy Vampireпреди месец
  • Great Interview!

    Joe RamosJoe Ramosпреди месец
  • John Daly on Rich Eisen show said President Trump was a good player and that furthermore he did not cheat.

    Jack JohnsonJack Johnsonпреди месец
  • if you want to see cheats, look at Schumer, Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, all the news (so-called) outlets, incl the papers, the magazines, Hollywood, recording "artists." Crooked politicians sucking off the public forever. The Central Bank, designed to screw Americans with taxes (interest) on creating money unconstitutionally. Social media censors people who speak for the president. The election is classic voter fraud which Trump is proving. All they did was investigate, investigate, investigate his presidency to destroy the American people who wanted a non-politician who put American First. Biden and his 'Green. New. Deal" would hand us over to China and their New World Order, replace money with digital currency - it's called The Great Reset. You need to look it up. John Kerry talks openly about it and they can't wait to install it as Kamala cackles. Won't happen though. Trump doesn't like to lose to this evil Obama/Hillary child trafficking group. You can look that up, too.

    JimmaculateJimmaculateпреди месец
  • Wtf is wrong with these people? Laughing about OJ murdering his wife and her friend? Are you kidding me? Fucking disgusting.

    L ML Mпреди месец
  • All this and the best the democrat party could come up with was Biden?

    Mr2blue2Mr2blue2преди месец
  • There was that rugby player, that turned out to be gay... wait what?!!?

    Mr2blue2Mr2blue2преди месец
  • Inane gossip.

    Cultural Marxist WatchCultural Marxist Watchпреди месец
  • Buh Bye

    Kerwin HynesKerwin Hynesпреди месец
  • Your theory around what Arnold Palmer said to you personally was meant for you... is your interpretation . Everyone who's studied theories in golf knows you cant apply one gimmick for everybody. Golf is an individual sport. You cant say it's the same for everybody... There are many facets to this. I had a husband who cheated on me and lied to get me to marry him. He was on other women since the minute we were married. He gave my daughter and myself a concussion too, that first year he moved into our house, claiming he won the lottery and was amillionaire. .but in golf, he always appeared correct. He was a lousy golfer and a great skier, and I beat him on the golf course all the time, after I stopped letting him win. After I gave up on that appeasement, I began making birdies across the fairways while he'd double bogey all the way, while stealing my wooden tees.. No one else noticed, but I did... Being honest in life is easy when you're fooling yourself about being a good sport in everything exceptionally, whether obvious or not. Cheating a nation for instance into confusions to justify keeping a country at war... The last few times I played golf with My husband; once after, and once before our divorce... So before our divorce, when we played with his company, he wouldnt give me a tee. He kept me poor, and kept a big bag of golf tees for himself.. So on a par 5, I dropped my ball on the short turf of the green. Took out my persimmon wood driver (when everyone was already using their Big Bertha Metal clubs.) And without teeing it up...I out-drove every one in the group with a rising tunnel shot my dad taught me when I was a kid. (on a public course). And that year my husband took up with a co worker of mine, and divorced me. He was a cheater. But he kept an accurate score. There are many ways to take a shot at someone. That was almost the second time I told this story about one of my 3 cheating husbands. And they all cheat (I concluded). There are many games we take for granted to cheat at, who consider marriage a game. Eisenhauer wanted a tree cut down that he couldn't avoid hitting on the first hole at his club. instead of working on his swing to stop hooking the ball into that tree. Maybe it was an attitude to win a game that can only be played not won. I dont know if someone running a country really cares about how you play the short game, only as you win in the long run... If someone Carrie's the world on their shoulders, do you think they are concerned about stopping over a ball? I cant answer that for someone else. But what if maybe winning for the Nation will take war, without bending the rules.... The Bush family cheats at war, but not tiddley winks. He tortured people in Guantanamo. But that's ok because he didnt cheat in front of you at golf..." COME-MON MAN?" You cant measure his priorities in golf by what kind of President he'd be. By the way some games improve a person. If it's the game that matters to him. For me Golf isn't just a game. It's a religion. But to most of the cornercial cornerstones of the world it's just a game to score on. I dont play fore score, I play for staying in the moment to get my problems off my mind. And Today we have more to worry about, like our Nation being stolen. Like nuclear warfare being used by the non negotiable Burning Bush regime. who under Cheney's handling, couldnt play fair according to the Geneva convention. This sportswriter is whoring the game of golf for his own angle of opinion cosmetics. He should be more concerned about the impact of the warfare on the skins of children. With Hillarys admitted decisions as to her justifications for using nuclear weapons or her Uranium One Deal She made a scoring Choice~ a impose nuclear warfare on our planet. Or Biden's deals to sell our country to China, while handling his son Hunter. There are worse things to cheat at besides The Game of Golf. If your not that good a world athelete don't try to keep score. Just work on your form. Maybe a guy who doesn't take GOLF that seriously but IS guarded about loosing at ANYTHING, will guard our Nation and save it the way he guards his Opportunity to appear on top in golf the way he will protect us as well. Maybe the world is in dangerous hands that already cheat... Theres many a way to practice intimidation in match play, the way all the world is staged today. Especially personal games in journalism. There have been books handed to me writing about winning through intimidation. One book I burned by that title. These wins are a cheat to me in golf. But if it keeps a nuclear bomb from being dropped on any world biomes I'll take it that that's the way of the political world today.. I know many people who built golf courses, and sell then off to bad corporations who destroyed the honor of the game... and gave shares of places like Reunion Golf Resorts in Florida - and it's full Roaches. I'll stop there.... The Legacy - Arnold Palmer's course is there.... Many Rats now thrive at that corporation. And many shortcuts have cheapened its older virtues, Now that Golf has been shored and its quality is eroded. How many Good athletes have been turned away from winning tournaments by overnight rulings because of their long last name, I wonder? How many games of fantastic golfers have not been played well or honestly, in other areas of their life...? And this feels just likeanother cheap shot, to me.

    Kathryn BencriscuttoKathryn Bencriscuttoпреди месец
  • In America winning is everything. Being a loser is the most terrible thing. But what is winning? Making a lot of money, being a celeb and staying young and beautiful. But the problem is it's a losing fight. We will all get old, lose our strength and health and beauty, and die in the end. Seems Israeli researchers have found away to reverse aging. So instead of getting older, people will get younger. And then what? If you live forever you will get bored ... to death. Being wise, is being philosophical, and being philosophical is to know that all extremes good or bad, are wrong, happiness is to be found somewhere in the middle of all things.

    Zeki ErgasZeki Ergasпреди месец
  • The great Ben Crenshaw said golf is a game with a conscience. Trump has no conscience.

    Jeff DoyleJeff Doyleпреди месец
  • How many golfers are good husbands?

    Kathryn BencriscuttoKathryn Bencriscuttoпреди месец
  • Maybe Our President take the game that seriously as we all do.

    Kathryn BencriscuttoKathryn Bencriscuttoпреди месец
  • I didnt want to listen to this because I didnt want to Ruin my relationship with golf. I golf with my feelings. And dont want to think of all this gossip while I am on the course. Golf is a way I get alone with God and clear my mind. It's not a way to dangerate. It's a way to uplift It's a way.: a WAY TO manifest my focus. . It's a game that cant be won, only played. . If this sports writer was serious about his sportsmanship he wouldn't use golf to denigrate our country. The first thing he did on the show was make fun of the technician to his right. I mean, you're no Bagger Vance. I wish I hadn't listened to this.

    Kathryn BencriscuttoKathryn Bencriscuttoпреди месец
  • Sarcastic It's nice that he can stay above his own golf swing.

    Kathryn BencriscuttoKathryn Bencriscuttoпреди месец
  • beautiful woman

    u235u235u235u235u235u235преди месец
  • Lol....can’t get enough of TDS!

    Stephen KenmeyStephen Kenmeyпреди месец
  • This guy comes across as a real jerk. Losers love to insult Trump (the most successful man on the planet). The reality is that none of them have even 1% of the brains, charisma or business acumen of President Trump.

    Neil News NetworkNeil News Networkпреди месец
  • Years ago a mentor of mine told me that when you play golf you get to know everything about a persons life.... this is a great example

    Dale SchreyerDale Schreyerпреди месец
  • Every single time that I hear a person that knows trump that as actually related with him on a personal basis it confirms the conclusions that I've come to on my own. I can read the guy like a book. After listening to this guy explain how Trumbo plays golf makes me convinced that I am right that he pumped up the vote totals somehow for his side. He was angry that he lost the popular vote in 2016 and he fixed that, or at least he tried to fix it. I remember clearly when he was talking about this one time that he said that he liked the voting machines in Texas. While the voting machines in Texas use the old ESS Diebold software called GEMS. This is the same software Bev Harris from blackbox voting found was using fractions for the tabulation. But in general usage in the fractions are hidden. So in essence you could make certain voters votes were worth only .75% and other voters worth 1.25%, or whatever you wanted those numbers to be. Apparently GEMS it is just basically an accounting program and you cannot edit out its ability to use fractions. This man will do anything that it takes to win, and so will his surrogates, and like I said they did not count on Democrat turnout. They thought that 9 million more votes than 2016 should be more than enough to get him the election. The reason this is important because this becomes election fraud, not voting fraud but election fraud. I know that this guy did not get more supporters during his term. He lost supporters, he hemorrhaged supporters! His rallies got smaller and smaller, he had to bus people into his rallies, he hired actors to make his rallies look bigger, all of these things were done to make his rallies look bigger than they actually were. Back in February of this year, it was discovered that the 50 million of trump those 72 million followers were fake Twitter followers fake Facebook profiles Unfortunately I'm just one little guy, who can't even get his representative to listen to him much less any authority that is going to be in charge of voting. But that's my two cents. You don't have to worry there are not 75 or 80 million trump supporters in this country. You could probably count the number and his followers by the number of Rush Limbaugh's audience which is right around 25 million people last time I checked. And out of that 25 million not all of them are fans so 20 million, 15 million? 29% of registered voters are identified as Republicans. There are something like a record number of registered voters this year like hundred and 60 million, now I am definitely not a math whiz, but 50% of the hundred and 60 million is going to be 80 million votes. Trumpo voters are proud of who they are and are not likely to be independent voters. People waited for hours to vote against this guy and very long lines. Most trump voters waited until the last minutes about like they were told to do. I did not see long lines of people waiting to vote for trump. Trumbo is also a projectionist. If he is pointing over there at a problem. He's pointing over there because he's covering up something. I really think there should be an audit of the states that use the Diebold /ESS software. Watch this video, listen to this guy, trump does not know how to play fair. He cheated in this election, but he just didn't cheat by enough..He definitely had the Russians helping him, as well as a few other countries. These people did not just give up and go away. Yet were not hearing anything about them. Trumpo handpicked head of Homeland Security, who he just fired, (gotta keep up appearances)said it was the [The safest most accurate election ever]. I'm going to guess that we didn't hear about them hacking the election this year because they had their own back door entrance given to them by the trumpo administration. 2+2 sill equals 4.

    Mark EstradaMark Estradaпреди месец
  • So my takeaway from this is...that this guy really hates Donald Trump.

    Sean MSean Mпреди месец
  • I would have told him I don't play with someone known to cheat period. Man has a pitiful golf form.

    Kimberley GagerKimberley Gagerпреди месец
  • Your intro music is fire

    Peter NowakowskiPeter Nowakowskiпреди месец
  • Rick, I hope your book will sell well and be widely read.

    Margrit KaminskyMargrit Kaminskyпреди месец
  • This guy should play with Hillary Clinton. He would live to tell about it

    gregory sepedagregory sepedaпреди месец
  • The best thing Trump can do now for all of us is playing golf and entertain his fellow players with his covstant display of clumsy cheating. It will leave him no time to make detrimental decisions to hurt America.

    Margrit KaminskyMargrit Kaminskyпреди месец
  • omg - america should listen to this from beginning to end.

    JM TcaldsJM Tcaldsпреди месец
  • Props to Rick for mentioning Jim Murray LA Times grew up reading the times.

    Michael McgowenMichael Mcgowenпреди месец
  • Truly inspired talk. Thanks to whoever uploaded this.

    Mark BrooksMark Brooksпреди месец
  • Trump is a narcissist, a sociopath, a psychopath. He as no empathy for anyone or anything. He doesn't think twice about the 275,000 dead Americans who hve died from coronavirus on his watch. As we are coming up to 3000-4000 dead Americans a day, he is still complaining about how he was cheated in a massive conspiracy against him. What a snowflake. And what a loser. And he is a golf cheat, a tax cheat, and adulterer, and liar. We've been onto him for 40 years here in New York. He is a grifter. No good. And he will throw his own children under the bus if it came between them and his well being. His wife will leave after they are evicted from the White House. He is a bore, a loser, and UnAmerican. Sad.

    Richard RybinskiRichard Rybinskiпреди месец
  • I do not golf, but this terrific interview is not about golf. It is about the massive fraud that is Donald Trump. It deepens the mystery of how on earth this grifter convinced 73 MILLIONS of Americans to vote him into the most important job in our Country. I hope he cannot do irreparable damage before .The laughter stopped when he slammed Tiger woods. You blew it mister. Bye bye.

  • I would be curious to read the book and interview the author and interviewer today. Have they lived to reflect on this " big fish story" that may yet fell a Democratic republic.

    schoolcoach1schoolcoach1преди месец
  • I just happened upon this interview. I am not into sports but I can tell you sir I am so deeply touched by your character, honesty, integrity, kindness, trustworthiness, love and humanity. I am gonna buy your book.

    Daronda TooleDaronda Tooleпреди месец
  • great interview

    Ceri JohnCeri Johnпреди месец
  • Trump does not believe windmills give you cancer, he says it does.

    Margrit KaminskyMargrit Kaminskyпреди месец
  • Wonderful most tales....

    Martha NezgodaMartha Nezgodaпреди месец

    Daronda TooleDaronda Tooleпреди месец
  • He fucking cheats

    Peter BeckerPeter Beckerпреди месец
  • He fucking cheachs

    Peter BeckerPeter Beckerпреди месец
  • Who cares, this is news! Please!

    Gregory aGregory aпреди месец
  • You are cheating your president by not doing what you can for the country. The outsider is the president. Everything is serious and you want to joke about personality. Conscientiousness, think. Fix things. Be part of the solution. You have power with this outsider president. Quit the hyena.!

    Mitchell BjerkeMitchell Bjerkeпреди месец
  • Golf score is based on honor. He has none of that. A lot of vanity, but no honor.

    Guy RoseGuy Roseпреди месец
  • Golf does not build character, it reveals it.

    TXGUNNER!TXGUNNER!преди месец
  • I like this man

    Isabelle ElliotIsabelle Elliotпреди месец
  • This guy is such a loser. He's so proud of himself that he can come talk shit about Trump in front of all these people but he probably was a complete Stan the whole time he was around Trump. I can't wait until we can move on from everything being about Trump. Trump made a lot of writers and video hosts a lot of money while he was president. I have a feeling a lot of them are going to have nothing to talk about soon.

    justicewalkingjusticewalkingпреди месец
  • This is so revealing and disheartening. I never spent much time listening to Donald Trump because he is such a disgusting speaker… So when I hear stuff like this it just makes me wince with revulsion. I am so glad that Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in this election, and I am a lifelong conservative Donald Regan Republican and a Christian. I’m so furious at him for so many reasons, and one of the biggest ones is the devastating damage that he has done to my party. It’s just depressing that we could possibly have reached this point in this country. It’s depressing that so many Christian Republicans think that Donald Trump is a great guy. It just makes me want to vomit.

    Mary ValentineMary Valentineпреди месец
  • Trump is a terrible person in every conceivable way.

    Tom HazeltonTom Hazeltonпреди месец
  • I know nothing about golf or American sport generally. Plus I never heard of Rick Reilly until I came across this. But this was amazing..... and I was riveted. What a lovely human being..... a beacon of light in what otherwise might be considered a dark era for America. Thank you

    Tessa ThomasTessa Thomasпреди месец
  • His grandfather was from Germany and he made the family fortune by going west to strike gold when he realized the need for lodging. He then built hotels with bars and prostitutes and went where the next big rush went all the way to Alaska.

    robert livingstonrobert livingstonпреди месец
  • Honestly, the whole world is cheating and taking advantage of America, how would u defend America then? The Bible said no one is good, even if you try your best Mr Reilly. Your golf story is just not making it despite how good it sounds. I would bet that u did cheat at some point.

    AndrewLe OfficeAndrewLe Officeпреди месец
    • The easily conned keep drinking the Trump piss flavored koolaid claiming it’s the best drink in the history of beverages.

      Rob LandRob Landпреди месец