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The Norris Nuts had no idea Sabre was being bought a brand new car. Everyone was shocked!
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In this video the Norris Nuts surprise Sabre with a brand new car. Sabre just recently got her driver's license or learner's permit to be more precise! The Norris Nuts have vans that they usually drive so Sabre is expecting to do her learning to drive sessions with those cars. The vans a really big to drive so Justin and Brooke wanted a smaller car that all the kids could use and learn on. She has no idea that, behind the scenes, Mama and Papa have been organising Sabre a brand new car. In this video we see the car being collected with Brooke and Naz seeing it for the first time. Then the other Norris Nuts and tricked into going to a run where they come across a brand new car wrapped in a ribbon. It's Sabre's brand new car.
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    The Norris NutsThe Norris Nutsпреди 12 дни
    • reply please can i get a shout out :|

      Omari RaglandOmari Raglandпреди 4 часа
    • @Zeehahaha Zeehahaha Well look what we got here a HATER

    • Such a big fan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love your vids hope you and your fam are good please reapply to me😍😍😍😍😍

      Annabelle MartinAnnabelle Martinпреди 14 часа
    • I am such a big fan of yours and I wish I had met you in person but I live in England ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ wishes to your family

      Annabelle MartinAnnabelle Martinпреди 14 часа

      Harriet Irvine BlogHarriet Irvine Blogпреди ден
  • Wow she gets a whole car but naz can't get a cute little guinea pig

    Brianna RomoBrianna Romoпреди 29 минути
  • 11:16 hehehehe sockie 😂

    Nedelyn Recinos RodriguezNedelyn Recinos Rodriguezпреди 2 часа
  • 9:24 😂 biggy I mean It FACTS tho lol 😆

    Nedelyn Recinos RodriguezNedelyn Recinos Rodriguezпреди 2 часа
  • When is Sabre going to drive for the first time?

    Ice Gucci gabbyIce Gucci gabbyпреди 3 часа
  • # catch me knuckles

    Stacy BowieStacy Bowieпреди 3 часа
  • Love you guys and my favorite is Sabre

    Stacy BowieStacy Bowieпреди 3 часа
  • # Legends

    Stacy BowieStacy Bowieпреди 3 часа
  • # catch me knuckles

    Stacy BowieStacy Bowieпреди 3 часа
  • Wait we can finally comment now?

    Leo CleeoLeo Cleeoпреди 4 часа
  • Click the link 9:24

    Yarely GarciaYarely Garciaпреди 4 часа
  • Happy birthday sockie

    Roblox memesRoblox memesпреди 5 часа
  • Sabre I'm gonna be such a good driver In heaven don't trust sabre

    Funmi AbitogunFunmi Abitogunпреди 5 часа
  • i am so happy i cried

    Adrian JordisonAdrian Jordisonпреди 5 часа
  • Make a video please when saber drives PLEASE

    Fazebear 09Fazebear 09преди 6 часа
  • Sabre is so pretty

    jw8451jw8451преди 6 часа
  • Running doesn't make me happy it makes me tired-Sockie

    Sana EhsanSana Ehsanпреди 8 часа
  • i just think that brooke shouldn't have another baby and maybe adopt one bc since she's over 35 the baby may have some medical issues and we definitely don't want that

    Emi YumibaEmi Yumibaпреди 9 часа
  • Omg that is the sweetest thing in the world I love this so much have a great day everyone who is reading this even the Norris nuts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    sydnieoliviaraynesydnieoliviarayneпреди 9 часа
  • Let us not have a moment.. let's have a real moment on knowing we have a teenager BGworldr now! Congrats Sabre!

    ItsJustDelItsJustDelпреди 10 часа
  • Shit she almost found out

    flashboy123 asmrflashboy123 asmrпреди 10 часа
  • congrats sabre for your new car!!

    Isabella SchoenauerIsabella Schoenauerпреди 11 часа
  • I saw the mum at shindigs

    corpsegirlcorpsegirlпреди 14 часа
  • No hate but on the Norris nuts do stuff when you do the leave food challenge everyone takes a big bite out of her stuff and she didn’t do anything

    Paige FreemanPaige Freemanпреди 15 часа
  • Naz is really underrated

    Ava WANG [07M2]Ava WANG [07M2]преди 15 часа
  • omgg charm and disco are growing up sooo ast WELL DONE ON PASSING SABRE !!!!!! ALL US LEGENDS ARE SOOOO PROUD OF YOU Xx

    e m x l ye m x l yпреди 16 часа
  • Can I ask why they didn't have on a mask for nothing?🤔

    Sean LambertSean Lambertпреди 17 часа
  • Cool

    Crazy FlamingCrazy Flamingпреди 18 часа
  • Imagine sabre driving the whole norris nuts to McDonald's or the mall 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️

    namjoon wigsnamjoon wigsпреди 19 часа
  • Sockie braces look great

    Bec PeacockBec Peacockпреди 19 часа
  • Well done sabe

    Legend111Legend111преди 20 часа
  • Love your vids 💝

    Skylah LovettSkylah Lovettпреди 21 час
  • whatttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!

    karl marshallkarl marshallпреди 21 час
  • lol

    Jen GuymonJen Guymonпреди 21 час
  • can we all talk about how they added somthing inapropiate like SABRE DIEING oml guys common sence:3

    Nevaeh ChinyaniNevaeh Chinyaniпреди 23 часа
    • @Nevaeh Chinyani Ok pls tell me fast

      Mary IypeMary Iypeпреди 2 часа
    • @Mary Iype soon

      Nevaeh ChinyaniNevaeh Chinyaniпреди 2 часа
    • @Nevaeh Chinyani Ok but when

      Mary IypeMary Iypeпреди 2 часа
    • @Mary Iype now if u want

      Nevaeh ChinyaniNevaeh Chinyaniпреди 2 часа
    • When please tell me!! Pretty pls??!

      Mary IypeMary Iypeпреди 2 часа
  • Now that she is sixteen we could finally comment!

    Jen Jen TUBEJen Jen TUBEпреди ден
  • I can not wait until you post on Sabre driving a car but it's not gonna come out for a week lol

    x 30xLuke xx 30xLuke xпреди ден
  • Sabre hasn't even started her lessons yet and she already has a car! They get so spoilt! But gotta love them!

    Madison ChaperonMadison Chaperonпреди ден
    • They are not spoiled

      Mary IypeMary Iypeпреди 2 часа
  • yall hella dumb why u buying it soooo early SHE DOESNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO DRIVE 🥱

    D BantzD Bantzпреди ден
  • Hi

    Sam GallSam Gallпреди ден
  • Not the piggy

    Dragon StyleDragon Styleпреди ден
  • I am his sister

    Dragon StyleDragon Styleпреди ден
  • I know how to tie my shoe lace

    Dragon StyleDragon Styleпреди ден

    Aidan KeightleyAidan Keightleyпреди ден
  • Not to be rude but when is the blog gonna come out of sabre driving for the first time

    Emme DiorEmme Diorпреди ден
  • Am I the only 1 that realised that they're click-bait? Go to 8:20 and watch it till 8:35, you'll see that they forgot to edit their mistake out!

    strxberrlystrxberrlyпреди ден
  • OMG the comments are turned on for once!!!! I love your vids they make me smile every time I watch them :) 😊

    Cerys PittsCerys Pittsпреди ден
  • You are my most fav youtubers

    Karolina KKarolina Kпреди ден
  • I am very excited to sabre drive her very own car and I wish when I get a car I wish I had that car. I am a huge fan and I watch MILLIONS of your videos.

    Karolina KKarolina Kпреди ден
  • Omg the comments are on

    Lydia DiazLydia Diazпреди ден
  • She is now 16

    lollypop on ganglollypop on gangпреди ден
  • Imagine getting a heart from the Norris nuts

    Norris Nuts fanNorris Nuts fanпреди ден

    electraa smmelectraa smmпреди ден
  • Ok there’s a lot going on here people keep saying naz is not getting treated the best and saying she deserves a Guinea pig I understand that maybe you feel that way but I what I’m saying is, there are kids in the world who don’t even have a house or food and y’all are saying she deserves. more it’s a guinea pig like y’all need think about this

    The coolest chickenThe coolest chickenпреди ден

    Cloudy—sunflower —Cloudy—sunflower —преди ден
  • Pls drive

    Mariama MarongMariama Marongпреди ден
  • Im 18 already and Im so obsessed with this family! Super fun & so wholesome🥺. Sabre is grown now and all of them! All of the siblings support each other and no jealousy whatsoever

    Nep TunesNep Tunesпреди ден
  • i am so happy for sabre now she can take the other norris nut to anywere

  • can everyone stop saying they don’t care about naz? first of all it’s Sabre’s birthday gift and second of all a lot happens of camera that you don’t see so mind your own business and stop commenting on ppls life’s. This is why they turn comments off fyi

    Purple MonkeyPurple Monkeyпреди ден
  • when is sab going to drive her new car im so excited to see the vlog where sab drives

    Gord ChauhanGord Chauhanпреди ден
  • Get her too Learn in a area where no ones around and quite places on the road

    Baxney 2kBaxney 2kпреди ден
  • Please could you do a Morning routine video (I think it’d be really nice)

    Mimi VlogsMimi Vlogsпреди ден
  • ¿

    Mariam AlbasMariam Albasпреди ден
  • Naz needs a gunna pig she really does i can't belive Naz needs a gunna pig

    Harriet Irvine BlogHarriet Irvine Blogпреди ден
  • lol biggy good vibe EHEHEHEHE

    Rowdah AlhajriRowdah Alhajriпреди ден
  • Umm i think she gonna destroy it Oof Lol (Jk)

    Julie SamuelsJulie Samuelsпреди ден
  • Congrats!!

    KAYLA LEE ZI-EN MoeKAYLA LEE ZI-EN Moeпреди 2 дни
  • so cool i love you sabe you rock and so do all the norris nuts

    Sariyah JonesSariyah Jonesпреди 2 дни
  • So their dad doesn’t want to buy a guiene pig that costs 1000 but he is okay buying a 20.000 car for Sabre, pays over 1000 for Sockie to see her idol and they buy Biggy fancy clothes and gifts for him but when Naz wins a challenge, she never gets really anything special and if she does win something good, she gives it to her siblings. And what thy give in return: ignore her, being rude to her because she’s it that good at games, don’t screen record her screen when they are playing but they do screen record theirs, and don’t thank her for what she does 😢😢 I feel bad for Naz

    Calista PoupeauCalista Poupeauпреди 2 дни
  • Omg

    Hayden JusticeHayden Justiceпреди 2 дни
  • i forgot that in different countries theres different driving ages 😂

    The big 21 2020The big 21 2020преди 2 дни
  • Congrats sabre

    Jo pasmoreJo pasmoreпреди 2 дни
  • she got her drivers liscence last week just like we always talked about...... bahahahahahaha TO SABRE

    Maddie SwansonMaddie Swansonпреди 2 дни
  • biggys singing voice sucks he has no volcels he is only good at playing the guitar thats it like

    Millicent Adu-TwumMillicent Adu-Twumпреди 2 дни
  • To sabre: everything that has happened to you in the years you have been so strong and now you are finally grown like a 16 year old so I just wanted to say your so strong and we all love you so much!

    axabella Yaxabella Yпреди 2 дни
  • i really want to see sabre drive here car!

    Shiny CuteShiny Cuteпреди 2 дни
  • omg ilove you guy

    Javier DiazJavier Diazпреди 2 дни
  • I really love you guys, you guys are so entertaining, and sabre is growing up so fast!! Just a Question, Are you guys against Masks or something, i mean no hate, just something that came to my mind, Also you guys are so pretty!! i LOVE your hair!!!

    Talita TravisTalita Travisпреди 2 дни
    • Australia has no restrictions, we don’t need to wear masks.

      Hannah BazzoHannah Bazzoпреди 17 часа
  • Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

    Y MadkourY Madkourпреди 2 дни
  • i was hoping at 13:50 just: please PLEASE be tax papers lol

    Annalise McLeod FlemingAnnalise McLeod Flemingпреди 2 дни
  • 2:18 i kNew SOMetHing Was SuS, Naz Norris

    Annalise McLeod FlemingAnnalise McLeod Flemingпреди 2 дни
  • There is no way we are the same age- I thought she was way younger

    Ems WorldEms Worldпреди 2 дни

    Blessing AbelejeBlessing Abelejeпреди 2 дни
  • ahhh

    Neomi FernandezNeomi Fernandezпреди 2 дни
  • Hi I can’t wait until Sabre drives

    Zoya HussainZoya Hussainпреди 2 дни
  • Hey sabure

    Charlotte BeardsleyCharlotte Beardsleyпреди 2 дни
  • can we j take a moment to realise sabre and the others can hardly cross a road ... now she’s getting a car ??

    Ellie LeylandEllie Leylandпреди 2 дни
  • I’m glad that this car will be for all the kids when they grow up and they aren’t being spoiled by each kid getting a car

    Play Penguin-GoPlay Penguin-Goпреди 2 дни
  • Ha Ha ha

    Jade LinsteadJade Linsteadпреди 2 дни
  • I’m so proud of Saber!! I can’t believe she can drive now she has grown up so much! Congratulations Saber!

    Lynn DiazLynn Diazпреди 2 дни
  • What are they posting this week, I wish they posted 2 a week even if their videos are ten minutes long

    Lisa BeckerLisa Beckerпреди 2 дни
  • love u thanks for making COVID better❤️❤️❤️❤️ you guys are so sweet To Sabre: it does not matter if your short (now ur sooo tall) you are so so sooo pretty!! Your such a good editor! You are an amazing influence for all the legends like me thanks for being an amazing person. To Sockie: your cooking is amazing, and your braces look SOO PRETTY!! You are so beautiful and sweet!! Your so so sooo good at gaming and singing, thanks for being such a good and amazing person! To Biggy: You are a amazing singer and Txunamy is Soo lucky to have you oh btw if u don’t work out, I’m your girl (just kidding) your sooo sweet towards others. And in your birthday vlog you were such a good sport. To Nazzy: WOW! Your so so good at drawing, I could never draw like you! Your designs for the nn fashion is so so good! I wish I could by some(I probably will soon) your so so soooo pretty!❤️ To Brooke: your such an amazing mother!! Thanks 4 being an amazing mother!!! To Justin:your so so Soo sweet!! Also pls get nazzy a guinea pig!! Your such a nice dad! I don’t really know what to say to Disco and charm but I hope you both grow up to be like your amazing siblings -from a super legend, samya (pronounced sam-iya)❤️ Btw I’m trying to hit 150 subs (: pls help (not tryna promote my self!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    IT’S SAMYAIT’S SAMYAпреди 2 дни
  • Hey naz its kush

    Kushal HabibKushal Habibпреди 2 дни
  • I know naz wants a Guinea pig its just they are really hard to look after they poop alot and when they bite it can hurt alot (no hate she does deserve it tho)

    Schleich_Horse _RiderSchleich_Horse _Riderпреди 2 дни

    Luz BolanosLuz Bolanosпреди 2 дни
  • Guys, spread this message!! Sabre gets a car Sockie meets Gordon, has kitchen etc Biggy gets so much attention Naz asks for a guinea pig but doesn’t get one This is child abuse, they’re leaving Naz out. This can affect her mental health. Copy and paste this to spread the message!!

    Inaaya NabeelInaaya Nabeelпреди 2 дни
  • " running dosen't make me happy it makes me tired" XDDD sameee

    Lizt ValladaresLizt Valladaresпреди 2 дни
  • I love you guys so much and you put a smile on my face all the time but I feel like you guys should treat them all more fairly. I feel like some of the Norris Nuts get more than others. I also feel like they should take a break and work on things like their education. They deserve it. No hate, love you!

    Lilliana RouLilliana Rouпреди 2 дни
  • Biggy I knew How to tie up my shoes when I was 5

    Natasha PilgrimNatasha Pilgrimпреди 2 дни
  • sabre I'm so happy for you!! you're really growing up (happy sweet 16

    Amkera BanguraAmkera Banguraпреди 2 дни