The Road To Karabakh 🇦🇲

7.01.2021 г.
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🇦🇲 The Nagorno-Karabakh region which had been quiet for the last decade recently boiled over again when Azerbaijan mounted an attack which led to it conquering much of the territory it had lost in the previous war. I flew into a bitterly cold Yerevan in early January with the intention of heading down to the capital Stepanakert to see what was happening there since the war. Would I make it or not?

  • We shouldn't make claims based on historical control. Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan was once under Armenia? Should Armenia claim all of Azerbaijan now? Of course not. These are things that happened centuries ago. When Armenia and Azerbaijan became hostile with the breakup of the Russian Empire, they got greedy. Luckily, the USSR came in and stopped the hostility. When the USSR was breaking apart, the hostilities surfaced again. 1. Azerbaijan had no right to undermine the right to self-determination of the Armenian people, who were majority of the population in Autonomous Oblast. 2. Armenia had no right to occupy other Azerbaijani territories where Azeris were a majority, besides Nagorno Karabakh AO. 3. Azerbaijan had no right to expel the Armenian population of Azerbaijan. 4. Armenia had no right to expel the Azeri population of Nagorno Karabakh and surrounding occupied regions. I do not support neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan in this conflict. They both did some serious human rights violations and war crimes that can not be forgotten easily which is a source of hatred, even today, over 30 years after the conflict started.

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  • - look it is very interesting sign it says Armenians silk road ... Haha Mr. Bald didn't even notice the sign was in English he thought it was in Russian so he transplanted it automatically

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  • I have some Armenian friends and they despise the countries of Turkey and Azerbaijan.

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  • The areas should simply be ceded back to Armenia. They are Armenian lands . There is no legible or credible reason that entitles Azerbaijan to stake claim to them, attempt to retain them or indeed expand them using further encroachments. . Historically, culturally.. ethnically they are Armenian lands - this is beyond question. They ended up within Azerbaijani hands not through consent of Armenian people but as an act of malice from Stalin , vindictively cutting them off from Armenia major and crudely placing within a now long gone Soviet republic that ceased to exist decades ago. Erodgen and Turkey are behind fomenting the tensions that spilled over into the recent conflict and theft of more land. Erodgen is trying to advance some sort of pan turkism that would require non Turk lands being stolen to stitch other ethnically Turk populated areas together.. which he wants to control as some sort of ottoman sultan. The Armenian people have endured many atrocities at the hands of Turk incursions and regimes in one from or other. It is sad but not surprising.. Turks do not learn and still behave badly. Ask a Kurd, Greek or Cypriot of their opinions.... Or indeed many peoples of the Balkans. Turkey needs to be broken up into sperate nations. One of those nations a designated Kurdish homeland.

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