THINGS DADs DO! Funny relatable musical by La La Life

21.09.2020 г.
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Oh, all that dad jokes and silly things. Dads are dads... But, on the other side, isn't it hard to be a father for teenage daughter? Show this video to your father and ask him what he thinks =)
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00:00 Mom's leaving
00:30 In the car with dad
01:10 Dad is reading the chat with the boyfriend
01:44 Who is Billy Eilish
01:55 When the daughter swears
02:36 Dad is trying to look young RAP
02:53 Where is the iron?
03:29 You didn't leave me any choice
04:45 The walk with the daughters boyfriend
05:08 Dad is cooking
06:41 Telling my dad I've got periods
07:06 The new romantic boyfriend
08:31 Are you ready for kids photos?
08:55 Dad is talking dirty!
09:48 The dad's song
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  • I hate this video

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  • Uh siri who is willy eilish- I know I may have spelled that wrong but eh XD

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  • 4:46 that boy is 123 go adam

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  • I hate the dad so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much he is so wierd and so mean and i hate him so so so so so so so so sos o so so so so soso so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much exept the anding it is so cute auw i love it so much i auw

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  • Why did she throw the shirt she can iron it again👚

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  • Your dad is a loser

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  • rapping daddy is in the house anyway I hope that you get to 9999999999999999999999999999999 subscribers

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  • Yep dats mi dad i am anoyd every freaking time wen a was small if you are 19or 18 dont get a bf mi dad almost embarasd me well luckily i dint get trobul but i dint wrnt tu de mall for 3 days whyyyyyy well i got mi phone 😇😑😎😪😖 i hop i dont let mi dad fi d out i have a bf and a tip if you dad wont let you ware wat you want take de dress put it in de bag and i get away whit it 😉😂😎

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  • Emily's dad its so stupid

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  • His name is not jason baby boo it is jason

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  • Why is Annie from 321 go here?

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  • It is even worst to have a brother and a dad like that

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  • In 4:52 ,the guy is in 123go

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