TRICKSHOT Race For LOOT (Fortnite)

28.10.2020 г.
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We do the HARDEST Trickshots for LOOT!

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  • how doe;s ssundee that

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  • you cool

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  • You’re the best BGworldr ssundee

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  • 8:40 when you eat a lemon for the first time

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  • i had a trick shot a no skope on a hover board

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  • i wonder why when he is ready to throw the mythic golden fish right hand goes weird

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  • It turned white I was lying LOL

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  • SSundee: if you ever did a trick shot in fortnight the like button will turn blue Me: *hits the like button* It turn gray because I never did a trick shot😿 Like this if this is sad😔 👇

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  • Dude best accident tricks got ever my controller died and when I plugged it back in I accidentally pressed the shoot button to be clear this was with a flint knock so I accidentally sent him over the edge

    Tristan does the weirdest daresTristan does the weirdest daresпреди 6 дни
  • What is ur fortnite id

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  • Dang guess I'm lying bc mine turned white

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  • Does a 900meeter sniper shot count

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  • My like turned black, literally, I watched this video with a phone and I haven't played fornite ever in my entire 23 years living

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  • I am dyin watch 8:27

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  • I love you so much and I’m glad that you’re still my mommy

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  • U said ill get a reply here

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  • Ssundee: If you did a trickshot in fortnite, then the like button will turn blueeee **like button turns black** Me: BGworld is four parallel universes ahead of me

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  • Me and Mt first ever kill in fortnite was a no-scope on my best friend

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  • I stuck someone while they were gliding once

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  • Then he took 4 min more to finish map

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  • You he said he’s sick but he tryed for 10 minutes to finish the map

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