Vader Episode 2: Mace Windu Returns - The Amethyst Blade Cinematic

22.12.2020 г.
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Vader's arrival on Naboo from Vader: Episode 1 Shards of The Past, is prefaced with the events you are about to witness with the Clone Troopers and the surviving Jedi Master from Order 66, Mace Windu, the one who wields the Amethyst blade...
This fan-film is not for profit and with not be monetized on youtube or anywhere else, in accordance and respect to Lucasfilm's explicit rules to me.
This short fan-film is dedicated to all Star Wars fans, George Lucas, Dave Filoni, and everyone at Lucasfilm who has touched Star Wars since 77.
Thank you to my extremely talented and small crew who made this possible:
Tim Forsgren
Samuel Kim
Ruben Brouns
Juan Pablo Naranjo
Stijn Van Der Plas
Clone voices: Darec Goheen

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  • Happy holidays. May the force be with you

    Star Wars TheoryStar Wars Theoryпреди 27 дни
    • Is this all CG or actually filmed?

      Mythologist KidMythologist Kidпреди 20 часа
    • May the force be with you too...

      FahadX pro263FahadX pro263преди 22 часа
    • Thank you very much please continue this epic peice of work, may the force be with you.

      Anonym_PandaAnonym_Pandaпреди ден
    • I just stumbled back upon your channel after years and it’s been great seeing all the amazing work you’ve been doing, loving the fan films keep it up.

      Donut LoverDonut Loverпреди ден
    • Always

      John WickliffeJohn Wickliffeпреди ден
  • Since when do jedi masters play with their targets? That's sith shit. It started alright, needing to take them out 1 by 1 at first. But going back to play mysterious opponent when only 2 people are left, that's just stupid and childlish. Or you're a sith psychologically torturing your prey before the end. It's good to make things look cool, but sometimes it has to make common sense. Don't make a paladin act like a manhunter just to make him look cool.

    tonyorobskytonyorobskyпреди 23 минути
  • It's just beautiful....

    Robby W.Robby W.преди 2 часа
  • Wow that was fucking awesome!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👌🏻

    Jay StoneJay Stoneпреди 2 часа
  • Yeeeeeees

    Not SureNot Sureпреди 5 часа
  • a 3 minute video is better than everything that Disney has released under the star wars franchise with the exception of the mandalorian. Disney truly has killed star wars.

    RyanRyanпреди 5 часа

    Liam SLiam Sпреди 5 часа
  • I think ol boi Favreau should have been included in your shout out to Lucas and Filoni. He too has made a significant impact on the warring of stars. Not quite to the same magnitude but a positive contribution nonetheless. You also should have mentioned me... why you might ask.. because I’m actually Luke’s real father. And Anakins... I’m also Yodas father too.

    Drew B.Drew B.преди 6 часа
  • Tes

    Budak PenyairBudak Penyairпреди 6 часа
  • Video idea: what if anikan had the high ground and not obi-wan?

    Donovan WilliamsDonovan Williamsпреди 7 часа
  • Mmm.

    Ethereal DwellerEthereal Dwellerпреди 8 часа
  • That was boring. What a snoozefest.

    spilot101spilot101преди 8 часа
  • This is so freakin good HOLY SHIT THE CHILLS

    DUSupraDUSupraпреди 8 часа
  • Video idea: what if palpatine never told anikan to do it?

    Donovan WilliamsDonovan Williamsпреди 9 часа
  • Sick

    Allix WithingtonAllix Withingtonпреди 10 часа
  • What is the time frame for this coming out I'm very excited I'm very impressed you did an outstanding job

    Locutus of ConservativenessLocutus of Conservativenessпреди 12 часа
  • Excellent scene

    Christopher ThrawnChristopher Thrawnпреди 12 часа
  • 2 years for a 3 min video wtf

    bob joebob joeпреди 13 часа
  • TDB.

    Wendel VaughnWendel Vaughnпреди 13 часа
  • Mace is more of a skywalker than rey

    Tobey In The Star Wars UniverseTobey In The Star Wars Universeпреди 13 часа
  • This is amazing!! One of the best fan made Star Wars clips I have ever seen!! I want this to be Canon - Mace Windu is Alive!!

    Dani MDani Mпреди 13 часа

    Lord AoLord Aoпреди 13 часа
  • Film maker here and that’s simply awesome! Thanks for creating this! Wow

    PhoenixFilmPhoenixFilmпреди 14 часа
  • I kinda feel bad for the last clone

    the doctor airsoftthe doctor airsoftпреди 14 часа
  • Awesome work!

    Shinichi FarkasShinichi Farkasпреди 15 часа
  • Is this a teaser? Also, wasn’t the original episode live action? Is a full length (similar to ep 1) live action version of ep 2 coming?

    NAK1289NAK1289преди 15 часа
  • ooooo man that is badasss

    Mustafa AydınMustafa Aydınпреди 16 часа
  • I'm sorry but mace windu woukd kick vaders a$$

    N RoSeN RoSeпреди 16 часа
  • whoever made this is really talented damn. I want more I want alot more

    kevin njengakevin njengaпреди 17 часа
  • Wow this is incredible 👏👏👏

    Daryl PolleyDaryl Polleyпреди 17 часа
  • 2019: Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious survives. 2020: Boba Fett survives. 2021: Mace Windu survives (fanfiction only)

    Drew PavezaDrew Pavezaпреди 17 часа
  • I hope this becomes an actual thing on Disney plus

    Luke GigliLuke Gigliпреди 18 часа
  • Why do these have to be so short.

    nlv2015 nlvnlv2015 nlvпреди 18 часа
  • Looks like debo

    Viking PrimateViking Primateпреди 19 часа
  • Mace windu was one of my favorites just because of his lightsaber.

    TopAce123 _YTTopAce123 _YTпреди 19 часа
  • To Disney. Make this Canon already!

    Mythologist KidMythologist Kidпреди 20 часа

    Snaperoons 50Snaperoons 50преди 21 час
  • Outro music name PLEASE!!

    Master DonutMaster Donutпреди 21 час
  • Mace windy 2: just when you thought it was safe to go back in the temple.

    KReGaDeTHKReGaDeTHпреди 21 час
  • Vader: so you have lived the force is certainly strong with you. Mace: yes it is I saw this coming since I first saw you as a boy I knew the path you would take. Vader: then that means me killing you is your fate yet again. Mace: no my fate is to remind you before I die that you will never be master on council even for a sith

    vernon rochevernon rocheпреди 23 часа
  • finaly

    VaderPlaysRobloxVaderPlaysRobloxпреди 23 часа
  • How come he has both hands?

    Leen LeenusLeen Leenusпреди ден
  • They should give you a whole film to do

    Jeffery MurderwoodJeffery Murderwoodпреди ден
  • Samuel: not the first time I’ve lost an eye to someone I trusted

    No fap Start date august 13 2020No fap Start date august 13 2020преди ден
  • top effects however, why it took so long to handle just a small group of troopers, totally pointless.

    Aylwin WeiAylwin Weiпреди ден
  • Where's the scene from?

    Erick RodriguezErick Rodriguezпреди ден
  • Mace windu would be to old

    ModerateRex1417 WestModerateRex1417 Westпреди ден
  • Imagine if Samuel Jackson sees this

    Je J́ębølèmöêdėrJe J́ębølèmöêdėrпреди ден
  • Went from realistic to source film maker

    Youtube Cult DestroyerYoutube Cult Destroyerпреди ден
  • FKN AWESOME.. Now I'm thirsty for a full-length production! TY for bringing back my fav Jedi.

    Liberal RulezLiberal Rulezпреди ден
  • This is so good probs better than anything Disney has come up with

  • Yes! I wish we saw more of Mace. Live action or animated

    Anthony OliphantAnthony Oliphantпреди ден
  • The aberrant pendulum physiologically water because metal connolly hop abaft a teeny-tiny self. purring, prickly siberian

    Jon WagnerJon Wagnerпреди ден
    • ?

      Leen LeenusLeen Leenusпреди ден
  • This kicks so much ass

    Persnikity12345Persnikity12345преди ден
  • How do i send this to samuel l jackson on twitter

    Gowther 10 commandmentsGowther 10 commandmentsпреди ден
  • Couldnt mace actually survive the fall witha force push

    Gowther 10 commandmentsGowther 10 commandmentsпреди ден
  • I wish this was canon

    Haise SasakiHaise Sasakiпреди ден
  • Samuel L. Jackson always kicks ass.

    MGTOW RubiconMGTOW Rubiconпреди ден
  • I think Mace would hold his own against Vader, especially with his knowledge of Vaapad. Vader's good, but Mace definitely knows more tricks and fighting styles. IMO at least

    cstone191145cstone191145преди ден
  • I really wish we could get Samuel L. Jackson back for the new Star Wars Cinematic Universe, but I doubt he'd be interested. Seeing him in 3 Star Wars movie is in itself, getting lucky.

    Duke SilverDuke Silverпреди ден
  • If this is going to be a versus between Vader and Windu. Make sure it’s consistent with all your works. Yes, we know Vader dies at the end because of Palpatine, but stat for stat, Windu has the upper hand in every catergory. Windu has force shatterpoint. Windu would force crush all of Vader’s prosthetic limbs and deal the final blow. It may be possible to kill Windu with a force crush, but with the vaste knowledge of the force Windu has and vaapad lightsaber style. Form 5 would lose to Form 7 esp when the form 5 user is using the darkside and vaapad uses the dark side energy back onto the opponent. It would be hard for Vader to use any of his dark side force powers without it hurting himself too. Which leads to my final point. Unless Vader sacrifices himself in the process like he did against Darth Maul in that comic. Not unless Mace got amnesia on his way down and forgot everything he knew or simply gave up on the force altogether like Luke did. I dont see Mace losing at all!

    WarMastaPWarMastaPпреди ден
  • Great!!!

    Manuel ReynosoManuel Reynosoпреди ден
  • Someone hire this man to direct and write Star Wars this is better than the sequel trilogy crap

    vortexxvortexxпреди ден
  • I wish this was canon so bad this is so good!

    depressed memezdepressed memezпреди ден
  • Anyone else think that mace windu sounds like all-state guy?

    Grant PetersonGrant Petersonпреди ден
  • Everyone want Mace Windu to have survived. Everyone is right. Hope some day we'll see a comic or a novel showing he did.

    Gael CrossGael Crossпреди ден
  • Don’t you hate it when the teaser trailer is longer than the actual episode… Credit where credit is due: the presentation & cgi is top-notch, but 3 minutes? Really?

    ellisbud222ellisbud222преди ден
  • Excellent (Y)

    airtzairtzпреди ден
  • It's such a shame Disney have been such a hindrance to this project. The first one was superb in live action. The CG work is really good but it would've been miles better in live action. Still can't wait for this tough.

    This Is House With BobaThis Is House With Bobaпреди ден
  • Funny how you can make a 3 minute video better than most movies Disney paid millions to unskilled people come up with.

    Nuno Barros CorreiaNuno Barros Correiaпреди ден
  • Is this really happening...?

    MonsterMonsterпреди ден
  • holy shit

    Yung SlimmerYung Slimmerпреди ден
  • I've had it with these mutha## 'n Imperials in this mutha##'n Republic. - Mace Windu, probably...

    Its MeIts Meпреди ден
  • Wish windu survived. Wish this could be canon.

    Jason342Jason342преди ден
  • Holy... Shit.... Well done... Freaking well done! Like I'm just sitting here in awe... They need more star wars just like this... Dark... Intense.. and then when you think it can't get darker, then you hear Vader and now I wanna see what happened!

    Nick DonnerNick Donnerпреди ден
  • When is the movie coming out?

    XMVXMVпреди ден
  • what visual effects software were used for this? looks incredible whether this was done in maya or c4d or blender.... hope to achieve something like this one day!

    HekutokkuHekutokkuпреди ден
  • when is the full version, plz i need it

    Alex VAlex Vпреди ден
  • vader vs. windu -- amazing

    spac_sspac_sпреди ден
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    noworries2014+noworries2014+преди ден
  • It is amazing that fans have been able to make better Star Wars content than Disney.

    Brad ConroyBrad Conroyпреди ден
  • Now he looks like Agent Augustous (xXx) and Nick Fury combined!

    IbrahimIbrahimпреди ден
  • I watch this 10 times a day, shatter point man

    John WickliffeJohn Wickliffeпреди ден
  • Imagine a game like this 😪

    Xavier GonzalezXavier Gonzalezпреди ден
  • Him and Plo Koon were the only 2 Jedi that could ruval Yoda...Disney really killed the Star Wars saga

    Viper4 GamingViper4 Gamingпреди ден
  • That was actuall bad ass, wish the movies could be so visceral as this cgi clip...BRAVO my friend. A lot of fans dont realize the saber skills Mace Windu had with his Vimpat technique

    Viper4 GamingViper4 Gamingпреди ден
  • Can't wait for episode 3 keep up the awesome work. goosebumps in 3 minutes.

    Yannick MungerYannick Mungerпреди ден
  • Why does Mr. Jackson have so many roles with damaged eyes?

    Jay RobertsJay Robertsпреди ден
  • Wicked job man, you killed it again congrats to everyone involved!

    InvinciGazInvinciGazпреди ден
  • Is it me or is mace more.. Darkside Why I said that is bc he literally killed everyone

    SG_RetroWolfSG_RetroWolfпреди ден
  • Windu created Vader. Fitting Vader kills windu.

    Salty MonsterSalty Monsterпреди ден
  • We need this series to keep going til the next Star Wars show starts.

    Karsten StevenKarsten Stevenпреди ден
  • Fan Film? Funny. If this was official, I would be against this because Mace is supposed to be dead. But since it's a fan film, I'm all for it.

    Johnny BadmenJohnny Badmenпреди ден
  • Afro Vader o my fuckin God buahaha

    Amon RaAmon Raпреди ден
  • I appreciate your work guys but i hoped for more.

    Niilo NiemisaloNiilo Niemisaloпреди ден
  • Please, make this happen... 🙏

    Kenneth HorneKenneth Horneпреди ден
  • its written and made by fans??

    PissedoffsonattheworldPissedoffsonattheworldпреди ден
  • L E G E N D A R Y.

    ᆰORØZCOᆰORØZCOпреди ден
  • In the galaxy where everyone survives long fall

    Phobos 21Phobos 21преди ден
  • How are these 3min of fan film better than 3 episodes put out by Disney?

    Operator's AnonymousOperator's Anonymousпреди ден