We Need To Talk... - Eboys Podcast #10

14.10.2020 г.
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The Eboys channel is going through some changes...
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  • George saying he's too old for the first pokemon movie when I'm sitting here, same age as him, after watching it a week prior and still loving it as much as I did as a child

    Kayleigh WarrenKayleigh Warrenпреди 2 дни
  • I died when they started laughing like crazy 😂💜

    Nicole SchaeferNicole Schaeferпреди 3 дни
  • F

    freyafreyaпреди 7 дни
  • I have a shiny polywag.. I think it’s first edition but it’s a little damaged . If James sees this, he gets the card

    Kaya For funKaya For funпреди 12 дни
  • LOL I don’t have friends... I have a daughter but she can’t talk for nothing. When I try to talk to her about the meaning of life she’s just sitting there just caring what I say. she’s only 2 but she need to pay rent jk lmao

    Devon McKayDevon McKayпреди 13 дни
  • I was listening to this podcast on my way home walking & I was continuously smiling & laughing, at one point I came across some guy at this apartment complex that witnessed me laugh like an idiot, so I smiled back at him just to be nice & he asks me “do you smoke weed?” Like what sir? Excuse me? (I’m sure he was trying to sell me some because my happiness was a bit dodgy)

    Valeria EscamillaValeria Escamillaпреди 18 дни
  • 12:30 14:47 44:24

    H MH Mпреди 19 дни
  • Why is Alex so orange

    MemeMaster 69MemeMaster 69преди 20 дни
  • Milk came out of my nose when they were talking about hog warts

    Sarah McHendrySarah McHendryпреди 21 ден
  • Corpse is so hot and sweet

    Sophia WilkinsonSophia Wilkinsonпреди 21 ден
  • I love that they think i dont watch the full podcast

    Sophia WilkinsonSophia Wilkinsonпреди 21 ден
  • Post too much? Mate apart from the podcast I keep forgetting this channel exists🤣

    dewae115dewae115преди 22 дни
  • More like the try guys than the sidemen

    sophie3002sophie3002преди 23 дни
  • If george went swimming he would water board himself

    Elliott LentzElliott Lentzпреди 25 дни
  • George probably has no deaf fans, because his videos do not contain sign language and you can’t read his lips

    Nathan FrancisNathan Francisпреди 25 дни
  • Cuz my name is James I’m insecure of people calling me “James Charles” and I’ve realised that I shouldn’t be sad about that cuz of James Marriott

    宅B1gmac宅B1gmacпреди 25 дни
  • Ola James can I marry you please X

    Clo DevitoClo Devitoпреди 25 дни
  • It’s funny watching this after the election is funny Cus Biden won

    Millie WMillie Wпреди 26 дни
  • I love how the mention Corpse_husband

    Bunni .x.Bunni .x.преди 27 дни
  • Hoping to see kirschlikeur on at least one liqour tier list

    Ricky KehlerRicky Kehlerпреди 27 дни
  • Yes James, my favourite Pokémon is Lapras as well! Let's go lads. 👏🏾

    Avelina PrinceAvelina Princeпреди 28 дни
  • Note to self: never try to eat during the ass talk sections

    Hannah GallardoHannah Gallardoпреди 28 дни
  • Eboys send help. I live in the u.s. :,(

    Ambitious ArtistAmbitious Artistпреди 29 дни
  • GEORGE wash ya hat pls, thank you WILL Why are your nails so pretty Alex and James Good job, as always

    Pa TrashaPa Trashaпреди 29 дни
  • I still play pokemon go now

    Jenna RooJenna Rooпреди месец
  • I just saw a ad for eboys You guys are getting desperate

    Esme GouldEsme Gouldпреди месец
    • Tell me how advertizing is "getting desperate"?

      RiThePie123RiThePie123преди месец
  • Yawn

    2jo ck12jo ck1преди месец
  • Lmaooo i just saw the ad for this

    vital vectorvital vectorпреди месец
  • I'll listen to it on Spotify after I watch it to support you, but that shits staying muted, I can't do 2 hours of this

    BradBradпреди месец
  • I just got an add about your podcast before your podcast started 🤣🤣

    Tess Hi!Tess Hi!преди месец
  • I just got an ad for the eboys podcast 😳😳😳

    idontwannabebreadidontwannabebreadпреди месец
  • 19:57 Hahahahaha I haven’t laughed as much in a good few weeks!

    RyanRyanпреди месец
  • I just saw the advert for EBOYS

    RUSSIAN R6RUSSIAN R6преди месец
  • Anyone else see the advert

    Zombi 'Zombi 'преди месец
  • Just got an ad for the eboys podcast halfway through listening to music and i think it might be the fist time ive actually enjoyed being disturbed. Love the podcast, been listening to it since before the ad but ive got college online tomorrow so i think ill listen to the exclusive instead of my tutor

    Saskia EstéeSaskia Estéeпреди месец
  • Not the same listening as to being on here

    michael harrismichael harrisпреди месец
  • I got an ad for that special eboys podcast episode on a maths revision video and now I’m laughing my ass off and my homework timetable is fucked

    Evelyn the PalmtreeEvelyn the Palmtreeпреди месец
  • Where’s the next podcast

    Ffion GouldFfion Gouldпреди месец
  • Now that she’s doing them u gotta get belle delphine

    Dj BreadcrumbDj Breadcrumbпреди месец
  • Just saw a ad for the podcast bit confused

    Awful AnimationAwful Animationпреди месец
  • Why the hell did I just get an ad for the Spotify episode? They’re getting desperate already...

    Heather ChandlerHeather Chandlerпреди месец

    Minja lolMinja lolпреди месец
  • Why did I get an ad on the eboys podcast

    JakeLikesmeat11JakeLikesmeat11преди месец
  • Lllll 0000000000000000

    Jackgames13Jackgames13преди месец
  • 45:14😐

    Edward EvansEdward Evansпреди месец
    • @ABRAHAM THEKKEKARA VARKEY @wick T same for you two

      Edward EvansEdward Evansпреди 28 дни
    • @T name a Caribbean island in the Southern Hemisphere

      Edward EvansEdward Evansпреди 28 дни
    • Hello what’s wrong?

      WickWickпреди месец
    • ?

  • Anyone else notice Alex was caressing his microphone the whole time...

    Me_TheMadLasMe_TheMadLasпреди месец
  • I have a Brazilian rainbow boa, and as far as snakes go, the most docile one I've seen... The main problem with keeping him is keeping humidity up! But if you nail that you'll be fine!

    Alex JarvisAlex Jarvisпреди месец
  • 50:03 George just talked over will completely lmao😂

    Paddy_ LadPaddy_ Ladпреди месец
  • George was silent for 3 and a half minutes and then randomly said ‘cunt’ Lovely

    SamDoesVidsSamDoesVidsпреди месец
  • Lovely and is nice onky prob spotify ad for those who aint using premium 0

    bannedfahim Epic bloggerbannedfahim Epic bloggerпреди месец
  • For November the Eboys should cook like a thanksgiving style feast

    Georgia TitusGeorgia Titusпреди месец
    • Yeah I know I just meant like another competitive cooking video but with a dinner instead of sweets this time

      Georgia TitusGeorgia Titusпреди месец
    • They are English we dont celebrate that here

      JustMattJustMattпреди месец
  • What happened to the cum song?

    Kira VeritasKira Veritasпреди месец
  • I don’t have Spotify doe🥺🥺

    Lulu LoolooLulu Loolooпреди месец
  • This podcast has pissed me off because I have the whats good podcast in my recommended

    Overwatch UniverseOverwatch Universeпреди месец
  • george simultaneously stays the quietest and somehow creates the most choas

    brian ellisbrian ellisпреди месец
  • I guess they either didn't make it or forgot to put "next weeks" episode up on Spotify...

    PiersPiersпреди месец
  • I am not surprised Will thinks AOC is very beautiful because she looks like Mia, who is also very beautiful : ). But just FYI AOC isn't old enough to be president yet.

    Elizabeth ThompsonElizabeth Thompsonпреди месец
  • So BGworld is ABC now? What's with all the words being demonitizable? Yea I know that's not really a word. Just beyond frustrating that words like gun and assault have to be silenced and marked out of videos so people can make bloody money!

    Ellois1376Ellois1376преди месец
  • Mix Bailey's with coffee, hot chocolate, milk, or just with ice. Bailey's hot chocolate is soooooo goood.

    BleepBloop AbbieBleepBloop Abbieпреди месец
  • if i was a male spider id probably be more concerned about the after sex activities, usually its dinner time for the female

    Wayward WytchWayward Wytchпреди месец
  • Stop talking about messed up shit

    Arrow ArrowArrow Arrowпреди месец
    • bruh

      WickWickпреди месец
    • @T shut up

      Arrow ArrowArrow Arrowпреди месец
  • Not meny

    Arrow ArrowArrow Arrowпреди месец
  • Rest in Ass talk the Engliland boys podcast

    MoeMoeпреди месец
  • Well we all knew that the podcast wasn’t gonna last..

    radiant rookieradiant rookieпреди месец
  • yea lads we knew they couldnt keep it going

    vibe ceovibe ceoпреди месец
    • @M2 Pyrex really? why

    • @vibe ceo every one

      M2 PyrexM2 Pyrexпреди месец
    • @M2 Pyrex so every episode is going to be on spotify or just the next episode?

      vibe ceovibe ceoпреди месец
    • Its a spotify exclusive now

      M2 PyrexM2 Pyrexпреди месец
  • what kind of 14 y/o watches podcasts?!

    Polina HaryPolina Haryпреди месец
    • @Jowsey Guess you didn't listen to the podcast?

      Polina HaryPolina Haryпреди месец
    • ???

      JowseyJowseyпреди месец
  • New caption : the eboys are actually mega nerds

    Caoimhe MurphyCaoimhe Murphyпреди месец
  • I used to look forward to an eboys video at the end of a school week. It kept me going through these hard times

    King of the SnakesKing of the Snakesпреди месец
    • me too

    • Same

      MemiiryMemiiryпреди месец
  • the fact im making a baileys cheesecake while listening to this

    Abigail HawkinsAbigail Hawkinsпреди месец
  • 2:45 young offenders

    Brix BoyBrix Boyпреди месец
    • Lol yeah

      oo brooo broпреди месец
  • where tf the next podcast at

    EverythingDankEverythingDankпреди месец
  • 42:01 well that was a lie ☹️

    gbom 17gbom 17преди месец
  • me watching this being obsessed Harry Potter👁👄👁

    elle matherselle mathersпреди месец
  • 29:13

    David's pianoDavid's pianoпреди месец
  • I think taking time to bring us quality over quantity regarding the amount of videos the eboys put out is a sensible and good idea.

    Lucy PortwayLucy Portwayпреди месец
  • Fully not worth me making a spotify account

    KaiKaiпреди месец
  • Snakes are actually really soft fyi

    TaylormoonTaylormoonпреди месец
  • i’m subby for alex

    Nathaniel BlazeNathaniel Blazeпреди месец
  • Please add video to the podcasts on spotify!

    Daniel MDaniel Mпреди месец
    • @Liam Exists yeah loads of podcasts do it, the misfits podcast does it, and the eboys are under misfits management so it wouldn't be hard for them to sort it out

      Daniel MDaniel Mпреди месец
    • can you even do that? like i know you can put clips but can you do that for like an hour video?

      Liam ExistsLiam Existsпреди месец
  • New Podcast..or?...

    Sam ByronSam Byronпреди месец
    • The next episode is a Spotify exclusive it’s explains it at the end of the video.

      WickWickпреди месец
    • they finally quit

      in love with youin love with youпреди месец
    • Idk

      Isabelle McIsabelle Mcпреди месец
  • abso-fucking-lutely do an among us vid it’s not dead

    xl tshirtxl tshirtпреди месец
  • boys for a vacation come to Trinidad And stay at a place in Marabella

    Jadyn GopaulJadyn Gopaulпреди месец
  • Day 1

    SimonSimonпреди месец
  • Petition for the Eboys to watch A Very Potter Musical 😳

    Emily DaviesEmily Daviesпреди месец
  • I'm 22 minutes in and this is already my new favorite podcast episode

    TripleSchick11TripleSchick11преди месец
    • well it may be the last by the looks of it

      BBacon68BBacon68преди месец
  • maybe my humor is shit but this ep made me laugh my ass off, cant wait for tmrs :)

    angelangelпреди месец
  • We need to get the eboys to play pokemon FireRed on a GBA emulator

    divinekiera playsdivinekiera playsпреди месец
  • @ James, our election day here in the U.S., when we'd cast our in-person ballots, is November 3rd. Quite a lot of people have applied for absentee ballots so they can mail them in as opposed to visiting polls in-person, and some of our states have passed laws that allowed 'early voting' which made the date you could receive your ballot by mail or vote in-person even earlier than regularly scheduled. TLDR: The election day is November 3rd, but some people depending on their state or if they applied for an absentee ballot, will be voting by mail or in-person before that date.

    Mary FosterMary Fosterпреди месец
  • Wait I already watched this. Why did the notice pop up today, 5 days later after this episode initially came up

    Gimme 50bucksGimme 50bucksпреди месец
  • Proper British dishes : apedipelps

    JonoJonoпреди месец
  • why is no one talking about will on the wave house

    keeganhauthkeeganhauthпреди месец
  • Vote jo Jorgensen

    Lunchtime BallersLunchtime Ballersпреди месец
  • 22:22 my dad was in the next room and looked at me with a very concerned look.

    Edie FernandezEdie Fernandezпреди месец
  • Why do i suddenly feel like scum for drinking normal milk?

    Big BazzaBig Bazzaпреди месец
  • apparently people on the internet dislike alex for some reason,why is that?

    KacpernapKacpernapпреди месец
    • he accused people of quite serious things a while ago i believe, and someone recently made a long video on it, ive only been a fan for a couple months s im not entirely sure

      Liam ExistsLiam Existsпреди месец
  • hi

    Knight’s GamesKnight’s Gamesпреди месец
  • eboys bet on hunger games simulator

    tall guytall guyпреди месец
  • 22:02 GRUFFALO

    seth fieldsseth fieldsпреди месец
  • Ello

    Fishguy2264Fishguy2264преди месец
  • Comments

    Fishguy2264Fishguy2264преди месец