What Happens if Boss Midas Meets Boss Wolverine in Fortnite

21.10.2020 г.
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What Happens if Boss Midas Meets Boss Wolverine in Fortnite, this time we look into what happens when two new bosses from Season 4 meet for the first time ever in Fortnite v14.40 Fortnitemares Midas' Revenge Update.
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  • I think wolverine's going to kill Midas

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  • Wolverine always win everyfight

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  • you can get a gold pumpkin launcher

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  • This is my option is Wolverine didn’t have self heal Midas would had won

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  • Wolverine always wins.

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  • How do you turn on the like little name tags like for midis it will show like goat hanchmen or shadow midis

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  • Right??? They changed the driving mechanic soo much cause like on switch you were able to drive with the joystick you move with and with the shot button but now you can only drive foreword with the move joystick

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  • What happens when shadow henchmen meets wolverine

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  • Guys it sounds like a lot but I want you to make all the henchmen and all the bosses me it's going to take maybe three days or one or two but try to make it happen you guys make everything happen you're so cool

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  • how did you get your pickaxe to be like thors hammer?

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  • All 6 bosses dr doom, iron man,wolverine, shadow Midas and the black and white one. Sorry if there spelt wrong but I hope you know what I mean

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